comey’s got to go

Whether the president after the election is a lame duck or an entirely new person, one of his/her most important tasks is to get rid of James Comey, the director of the FBI, who serves at the pleasure of the president.
Much has already been written by others whether Comey’s actions about the Anthony Weiner emails were a violation of the Hatch Act (a violation of law), an “abuse of power,” or merely an example of massively bad judgement. But the fact remains that we do not need any police—especially the FBI—inserting themselves into this country’s election process.
Political police are something more common to Nazi Germany, Saudi Arabia, or a South American banana republic, not the USA.
The impacts of Comey’s actions—both in July and last Friday—are unknowable and will likely be debated for years to come. Some of the latest polls show that Clinton has suffered a plunge and that she and Trump are now virtually tied—though I did visit a betting website, and they still favor Hillary winning 70.2% to Trump’s 28.4%. Nevertheless, introducing the Trump wild card to our calculations is Comey’s doing, and whether it was intended or not, it was absolutely predictable that the FBI would be seen as partisan.
Comey’s intent notwithstanding, he broke with DOJ protocols and his boss’s wishes, and he should be held to account, regardless of the election outcome.


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PS: FBI director James B. Comey told Congress on Sunday November 6 that he had seen no evidence in a recently discovered trove of emails to change his conclusion that Hillary Clinton should face no charges over her handling of classified information. Comey’s announcement, just two days before the election, was an effort to clear the cloud of suspicion he had publicly placed over Clinton’s presidential campaign when he alerted Congress that the FBI would examine the emails. Despite this rectification of his earlier letter to Congress, the insertion of the FBI in the election is drama which should never have happened, and should never happen again. Comey’s still got to go.

By the way, that betting site I referred to has changed its odds since Comey’s latest announcement: Clinton to win by 81.8%, Trump to win 17.9%.


6 Responses to “comey’s got to go”

  1. 1 anonymouse
    November 4, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    You are so out of touch with reality on this, Dan, as your lame comparison to Nazi Germany illustrates. Were Director Comey’s boss or her boss impartial on this matter (and they have repeatedly proven themselves not), you might have the skinniest leg to stand on, but as it is, he has upheld his oath of office and done his duty to the American public. Sorry you don’t like the timing.

  2. 5 tape
    November 5, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Every network or newspaper makes mistakes or is biased, but as long as they do their job one can still see them as a lawyer for their side: giving an interpretation of the actual and undeniable facts. Fox News and most of the so-called alternative media fail at this, as they don’t use facts. They simply try to find snippits of information and bring them in the wrong context, distorting their meaning. The main reason for the media getting so unreliable is that people don’t differentiate but think both ways of making news are the same and just buy it anyway, as long as it fits their opinion, rather than getting to that opinion based on the facts delivered.

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