sin city slugfest


With its history of hosting prize fights and other competitions, it is fitting that the third and final presidential debate was held in Las Vegas. Both of the candidates did a fairly good job, but most polls and pundits say that Hillary Clinton won the debate by a hair. A CNN poll, for example, said Clinton had won by 52%, and The New York Times and Washington Post agreed that Clinton was more accurate than Trump when it came to sticking to the truth.

The Mexican peso spiked briefly after Wednesday’s presidential debate in what analysts interpreted as a sign the market is firming up bets against Republican nominee Donald Trump, although the peso’s gains faded overnight. “The Mexican peso flew to a six-week high post the debate,” said an executive at Western Union International Bank. “The currency tells us [Hillary Clinton] won the evening.”

But none of that matters more than Trump’s refusal to say whether he will abide by the vote of the electorate and agree in advance to accept the outcome of the election on November 8th. He will keep us “in suspense” until that time. What an arrogant ass!

Clinton went into the debates with a lead in the polls on the low end of 4 points to a high of 12. While Trump remains within striking distance in some battleground states, he has to win all of them while Clinton has to just hold her present lead. Her lead has only grown in states favorable to her this month, and the needle has moved in her favor in toss-up states like Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada. Elections are supposed to get closer as Election Day nears, not further apart.

While Trump’s base won’t abandon him, it’s not enough to win if women, African-Americans, and Hispanics vote at past rates or even a bit less. Trump has done nothing to win over persuadable voters, and the debate did nothing to change that for him. And who knows? With three weeks to go until the election, Trump could very likely pull another boner—no pun intended. He is so undisciplined.

Yes, people still have to vote. But if Democratic groups come out, and unless something drastic changes between now and Election Day, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. She appears to be winning—and it’s not that close.


PS: The presidential contenders met again Thursday night for the Al Smith charity dinner in New York, which raised $6 million for Catholic children’s charities. Trump spoke first, ribbing Clinton by saying the event was her first time speaking to corporate leaders “and not getting paid.” He later drew boos for saying Clinton was corrupt, and “pretending not to hate Catholics.” Clinton stuck closer to the dinner’s traditional lightheartedness and scored political points by poking fun at herself: “I took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here.” She later tweaked Trump for claiming the election was “rigged” and refusing to promise to accept the result, saying she was surprised he agreed for her to speak after him because she “didn’t think he’d be OK with a peaceful transition of power.”



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