shot in the foot


Sorry, folks, but I’m about to flip-flop. Some time ago I said I was going to throw away my vote and use it to make what has come to be known as a “conscience vote,” casting my ballot for the candidate of a third party.

But since writing that post, I have been researching Jill Stein and Gary Johnson (as well as the candidates of the two major parties), and I find every candidate to be lacking in some way. As one citizen said, “319 million people, and this is the best we can come up with?”

380927As today’s Groove of the Day makes clear, Jill Stein must be eliminated as a suitable candidate for president on account of her awful taste in music, as well as her inability to form intellectually coherent policy. Gary Johnson (“What’s an Aleppo?”) is so mournfully clueless of foreign policy, he reportedly didn’t even know who Vicente Fox was when he was governor of New Mexico. They say he’s the equivalent of George W. Bush with a bong.

Both Stein and Johnson are, in my opinion, potential “spoiler” candidates and we don’t need a replay of Nader 2000.

So we’re left with the lesser of two evils who can actually win: Donald Mussolini on one hand, and the Status Quo candidate on the other. I think I’ll sit back and keep watching The Donald shoot himself in the foot while claiming that the election is rigged against him. Talk about projection!

I guess I’d prefer to stick with the devil that I know rather than going with a wild card that risks everything for preciously little. I’m conservative, after all, and not prone to taking unnecessary gambles.



Groove of the Day

Listen to Jill Stein and Somebody’s Sister performing “Circuits to the Sun”


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