living on credit

clear cutting.

Last month I screwed up. One of the kids had a tuition payment in July, and I’d forgotten to deduct it.

If Rick at the General Store hadn’t agreed to hold my last check in the pay period for a couple of days, I would have had to go without food. But his generosity didn’t make that necessary. Karen, too, agreed to let me write a check for her housekeeping services, and hold it for a couple days. So that’s how I squeaked by.

A couple days ago, Amazon told me they couldn’t process a $1.29 payment for digital music, and I thought I’d done it again. But I called the bank, discovered I still had money in my account, and had simply forgotten to update new credit card information with Amazon.

So I wasn’t at rock bottom, after all.

Around this same time, a reader sent me a link to the video below, saying that maybe it would make a good post. Unlike my personal experience, the world is living on credit and sinking deeper in “debt” every year.

As of Monday, August 8, humanity has consumed all the resources that the planet can renew in a year. So she lives on “credit” until December 31, according to calculations by the NGO Global Footprint Network. This day occurs more and earlier each year. In 2015, the “day of tolerance” had occurred on August 13. The date has been moving up inexorably since the 1970s.

The time for restraint is yesterday, if not sooner.




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