goodbye cleveland

Trump Quote.

I don’t like Ms. Pantsuit, either. No matter who she chooses as her Veep, she will still be too strident.


Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of The Art of the Deal, says Trump has a short attention span, is reactive, and not thoughtful.

“If Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes,” said Schwartz, “there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

Trump has demanded a refund of Schwartz’s book royalties or face a lawsuit.


Gary Johnson is said to be out-polling Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with military members.

Roger Ailes seems to have cashed out pretty well.


What’s a guy to do?


The lesser of two evils? I don’t think so.

I think I’ll throw my vote away on a third choice.



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PS: (November 15, 2016) I was watching John Oliver last night, and he showed the People magazine meme (above) and stated that Donald Trump never said it. I’m trying my best to move on from this election, so I didn’t do any more research into the meme… just felt responsible for reporting the Oliver comment.


3 Responses to “goodbye cleveland”

  1. 1 Frank Manning
    July 22, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    I’m with you, Dan. I don’t think it’s throwing our votes away. It’s making a statement that we are fed up with always having to choose the lesser of the two evils Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I don’t like the Libertarians. They are far too right wing for me. There was nothing good, really, about the robber baron era, at least not for the vast majoritiy of farmers and workers. That leaves Jill Stein and the Greens. Ugh, they too are rather strident, but at least we would still have roads, fire protection, and national parks.

  2. 2 Hat Bailey
    July 22, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    It’s amazing how people of good will and intelligence can see things so differently. Really. I make a big distinction between personal style, or personality in general for that matter, and basic character and ability. I see Trump as someone who is brash, a promoter, but I see someone of generosity, fairness, compassion, and with genuine leadership ability. He is not a clown or a simpleton and he is courageous. His children speak well of him, not just in words. He may be a promoter, but much of his amazing generosity has been done behind the scenes without any attempt at self glorification. He keeps his charity quiet. I believe he does know the factors that are behind America’s decline and will do his damnedest to fix them. On numerous issues he has slapped the global cabal in the face regarding issues that they consider untouchable. I think there is a good chance he will be the best president our country has seen in a hundred years or more.

    • 3 tape
      July 23, 2016 at 4:14 am

      The best president is someone who wastes money on a wall although all facts already point towards that undertaking being entirely nonsensical? Trump is the incarnation of the current post-factual state of society. He lies constantly, nothing of what he says makes any sense, and still people prefer to believe (and it really is just belief, as there are not any facts supporting it, but a lot contradicting it) that he would be a good leader. Just “because”. There is nothing in his past giving any credibility to his claims of being a great leader.

      There is nothing courageous about agitating against the weakest members of society. There is nothing couragerous about enjoying being as politically incorrect as possible in such an irresponsible manner. Demanding differentiation is not the same as declaring something “untouchable”. Fearmongering is not offering a solution. Asking for the opponents to just shut up is not a way to unite a party, not even a conservative one. All points towards him trying to fix things by setting them on fire.

      It is totally beyond my comprehension how a rational human being can be fooled by that sociopath. Is there any substancial policy he has offered so far which could solve the problems at hand? What is his plan other than a diffuse “When I am in office I will solve this problem the first day” without showing the slightest clue what the problem actually are? Were you really so mesmerized by him squashing melons on stage that you forgot to ask him about the “how” for the whole time his clown tour has been going on?

      Can you in any way imagine Trump negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, relying on a power the USA in their suprisingly idiotic way of invading Iraq have proven not to possess? Is it possible at all to picture him on a diplomatic mission beyond his bragging spree which has been going on the last two decades?

      And last of all: When the guy who wrote Trumps biography and certainly came closer to him than anybody tells that Trump is a sociopath, how can you just brush this off like it was nothing?

      I totally get the situation of having no charismatic candidat with all options lacking competence on some level. This is the case everywhere, as no candidate can be the perfect representation of millions of people. I can see why people would want to avoid Clinton. But after seeing how Bush set the world on fire by just making some wrong decisions when being pressed for it in a tense situation, how can one be so totally indifferent about the quality of each candidate’s failings?

      For a true conservative this must be the saddest year. Democrats at least have some Clinton, roughly matching progressive ideals by name at least (although clearly a conservative candidate). But this will be an election without a true conservative. There will be some rich bimbo, interested in filling his own pockets and stroking his ego. But beyond that he has no values. And even for a party in which true values have become scarce (beyond grabbing as much money as possible and trying to make a big deal about gay marriage; yes, humility once was a conservative value, but not any more as it seems) that their primaries become a character freak show decades ago, Trump marks a new low when it comes to abandon the last remains of humanity.

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