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turning the tables

After a season of disappointments, some hopeful events have happened recently.

When I share with you the scale of things, perhaps you will conclude that I am merely grasping at straws, yet I feel that from the novelty of things which are occurring, something may be going on here. What it may be I cannot say… I am simply “going with the flow” and will report on what actually happens as it materializes.

Do you recall the name Emma Collins, the young woman who recently wrote the article about us on VICE, which unleashed an international onslaught of media inquiries? Well, she wants to come out and see for herself, and she is due to arrive next Wednesday, July 20, and will leave on the weekend. The expense of airline tickets, a rental car, and several nights at a motel affirm a level of curiosity/commitment that I find truly remarkable.

I often describe Estrella Vista as being at “the end of the road,” so anyone who makes it out here really gets my attention.

Now a German journalist who writes for nationwide newspapers and magazines such as DIE ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and NEON says she will be visiting in August. Lately I have been trying to discourage such visits as a waste of time, but even when given the facts about recent events, they still keep coming. Even the Dutch producer who found me and visited continues to write. Yesterday I received an email from her Dutch production company saying that they are thinking of another approach to the project that does not involve Derek’s participation.

On another note…

warren williams 1A couple weeks ago I received a request for my address from Warren Williams, a new correspondent who killed his father at age 14 in 2010 in Pensacola FL. “I would like to send you a book,” he said, and it arrived a few days ago.

I was surprised. This hasn’t happened with young parricides before.

“Usually it is I who sends books; this is a real turning of tables,” I replied. “Kids take and take. This is the first time anyone but Lone Heron (a female parricide in her late 40s who may take over Estrella Vista after I die) has ever given me anything. I really appreciate it and am intrigued.”

“I do not plan to take and take from you, Dan. Not my style. I am used to giving,” he replied.

I quizzed Warren on what he hoped I would get from the book, but he wouldn’t be explicit.

“It is a book about spirituality, so it varies from person to person,” he answered.

Part of the excitement of this life is, you never know what the future holds. I don’t know what kind of friendship will develop with either Warren or Emma or any of the journalists. I don’t know where the relationships may lead.


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