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expected phone call


Last week I received a phone call that I had been expecting ever since I kicked Derek out of the house. Because Derek refuses to cooperate with their interview, the Dutch journalists no longer feel they have a story here their viewers will find, well, uplifting.

I don’t blame them for their decision. It’s the same call I would have made. TV is a superficial medium that does not lend itself to complicated stories.

The attack was wholly unexpected and unprovoked. Since 2005, I have spent over $60,000 on the kid and his brother, and for all the good it has done, I feel like I may as well have flushed all that money and time down the toilet. This is the real story here, but people don’t want to hear it.

Maybe Derek will eventually use this experience to straighten out his life, but it is too early now. He still wants to blame other people for the hardships of his life. He still refuses to accept personal responsibility for his many decisions.

It took my friend Lone Heron a quarter-century to get where she is today, but unlike Derek and Alex, she faced her situation head-on. Derek and Alex are still running.



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