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It’s been a long time since I published anything on this subject, and in the intervening years there has been a growing body of evidence that the government is subjecting all of us to dangerous experiments which are radically transforming our health and environment.

I still get a lot of blank stares when I mention “chemtrails,” but with greater frequency people say something like, “Oh yeah, I know about them. They’re a bad thing.”

The chemtrail activity is called “Project Cloverleaf,” and it is managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It is generically called the “aerosol program,” as tons of barium, aluminum, and other aerosoled chemicals are being put into the atmosphere. It is being sold as a weather modification program, but its real purpose is for battlefield communications and weather warfare. The practice is spreading all over the world and involves Russia, China, and other major players. It has been going on for decades, increasing imperceptibly since the Vietnam War. Weather warfare has the advantage that an attacked country doesn’t even know it is under assault. It is veiled in the greatest secrecy.

It has been alleged that the dramatic increases in Alzheimer’s in the old and Autism in the young—and cancers for everybody—are linked to development of this program, but never proven.

We never asked for chemtrails. We never decided we wanted them. “Informed consent?” What a joke!


Here is a good video on the subject. It takes about 35 minutes.


Here is another good film on the subject. It takes about 15 minutes.


The government wants you to think that chemtrails are just another “conspiracy theory.” Computer searches have been tweaked to lead you to this erroneous conclusion. But the evidence says otherwise.

Give these facts a chance. You owe it to not only yourself, but all who will follow you in successive generations.


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1 Response to “project cloverleaf”

  1. 1 tape
    June 9, 2016 at 6:18 am

    You usually come across as a healthily distrustful person, but in this case you have been fooled.

    Those videos are pure nonsense. Not because a government would not be capable of having such plans, but because of the erratic occurence which scientifically makes no sense. There is no point in spraying anything from the air from that distance. When crops get sprayed from air, the planes fly on lower height to allow better aim. At that height, nothing can get targeted. One can not get sure what gets sprayed, as everything gets dissolved in the winds. As an experiment it would not give any scientifically reliable result. It would not be science. As a measure to accomplish anything with it, it would not be efficient. Nobody would do that.

    When a video makes unfounded claims which are most likely wrong (like at what height the clouds are right at the beginning), it should be clear that the source is not trustworthy. It is made by people who want to make a point, not by people who are interested in an explanation. A video which would deserve to be taken serious, would have offered sources which actually back the statements up, rather than snippits of interviews taken out of context, or entirely nonsensical rants of angry people having no idea what they are talking about.
    A contrail can stay for several hours, depending on the environmental factors. They get distorted by winds, rise and fall depending on air movements. They essentially become clouds.

    A scientist gets reviewed by his peers. Those are not interested in allowing him to make a career. In fact they will make their own career by finding his flaws. This way a system constantly validates itself and provides reliable foundation to build further theories on. This system has constantly proven to work, as you can witness by the solar panels on your roof and the fact that you can read this right now. So any debate whether scientific method is valid is futile, because the reality we live in is evidence that it works.

    This leads to coherent scientific theories. While there might be different theories how to explain a phenomenon, there is also the knowledge that just one can be right or that a combination has to be found. It is not a democratic process. It is based on evidence. Often outdated theories are even good enough to work as a model for explanations and just get enhanced (like the spherical atoms one encounters early in school which then make way for a layered model which gets further refined depending on how much one progresses).

    None of the chemtrail theories match. Because the people who are inventing them just try to cover what they think they have observed. There is no agreement about the purpose and the components sprayed, there is no reliable data.
    They are just piling up nonsense, and they are fine with each others nonsense, even if it invalidates their whole argumentation. When they come across a flaw in their theory, they invent the next bit, which explains it. So contrails can stay seven hours? Oh, of course google must be in to it and send me to a page. The page refers to a scientist? Oh, of course the scientist must have been bought. But the scientist is accepted by his peers? Oh, of course they have been bought as well! And at the end, everybody commenting on that video showing even jsut a tiny bit of intelligence, will be accused of being bought as well.
    One can see this behaviour in the case of flat earthers and moon hoaxers as well. And that is the category chemtrails belong.

    It is good to question everything, especially the people you have chosen to govern you. But the same should be the case for youtube videos. Every moron is allowed to upload whatever he wants. Just because he has nice pictures under his comment it does not mean there is any validity in his statements.

    Also keep in mind that your government could not keep a blowjob between two people secret, which is probably the smallest conspiracy imaginable. Watergate was among a handful of people and it came out. And then there should be a conspiracy, involving all branches of society? Science, press and enterprises are all bought? Probably on an international level, as else easily some european company could create a search engine not leading you to an the wrong results?

    If someone is really out to get you to the degree that that kind of paranoia is justified, he’ll have it much easier when you let yourself getting derailed and follow some moon hoax, flat-earther, chemtrail nonsense, making your image that of the lone weirdo in the desert. Because if you would use your mind instead of stabbing in the dark, and question what your government and even more your private companies are doing, you might stumble over something they don’t want you to see. Much smaller things, just little ties between politicians and CEOs, no conspiracy, just little nods which allow millions of dollars to wander into different pockets than planned.

    Please, look at this post from the outside and then wonder how you come across when posting such things.

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