expectations - reality.

I recognize that my own life has shaped a certain expectation of the future, and that the same is true for every individual.

Sometimes our expectations are wildly out of kilter with what actually happens or even can. It is a factor of age and experience to a great degree, but also it is a factor of the parenting we receive. How willing or able are we to receive and benefit from the experience of our parents and elders?

Life has taught me that most stuff happens gradually, in incremental steps. That is why I have preferred to stay put, to be satisfied with small developments and improvements.

Derek tells me the “word on the street” is that little has happened at Estrella Vista since I bought it… but much of what has happened is invisible. The added land is invisible. The trash I have removed from the land is invisible, now more than ever. The new propane tank is visible, but easily missed—even by the propane delivery man. It runs a refrigerator that’s inside the house, but a very visible improvement to me. The paid-off mortgage is invisible, the result of many, many $650 payments that nobody in town but me and my banker ever saw.

This month—June—for the first time since purchasing this place or having back payments for storage, I will be able to live within my means without bank loans to tide me over. Believe me, that is very visible to me.

So I don’t care much about the word on the street. They don’t know. I’m told by one of my friends—a relative “old timer”—that people feel that way because the former owners partied with everybody—and my partying days are over. Almost nobody comes here anymore. Like I said, people talk about what they see.

From here on out, we will begin building at Estrella Vista. Realistically, it will happen in small incremental steps—that is all we can afford. If big changes are to occur, that would take big bucks, and it is imprudent to expect and plan for that.

Yet it’s not impossible, only unlikely.



Weather Report

76° and Clear

I was expecting rain, but awoke to clear skies.



2 Responses to “reality”

  1. 1 SofiaAmtis
    June 1, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Never give up Dan, You are a Good man.

  2. 2 Willow54
    June 2, 2016 at 4:27 am

    It is the nature of the beast that people like to have an opinion about all kinds of stuff, whether they actually know much, or indeed anything, about whatever it is. In respect of your place, you are the only one who knows what the real deal is, and that’s all that should matter to you and those closest to you.

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