Well, the house is cleaned-up somewhat (my housekeeper doesn’t arrive until tomorrow morning), but I’m not really trying to impress anybody. Honesty is the best policy—and anyway, I don’t know that I could fool them, even if I wanted to. My visitors, two journalists from Holland, are due to arrive this afternoon. They’ll come back a second time with a film crew if we check out.

They’ve come so far; I hope they’re not disappointed.

I don’t really know what they are expecting. Estrella Vista is an incredibly beautiful place, but it is simple as can be. I have done my best to prepare them for the reality of our situation, but you never know what is in people’s heads or how elastic they are. They can’t possibly know how shabby the furniture is. When it was newly-upholstered, my Minneapolis decorator referred to it as “faded elegance.” Now it’s just faded.

Among residents out here, we have a very high “churn” rate. People either love it here or hate it… nothing in-between. Our nearest “big” town, Alpine (population 5,000, 60 miles away), does not even have a Walmart. You have to drive 120 miles for that. Realtors make most of their money just flipping properties.

It’s mostly women who are challenged by the crudeness of our lifestyle. Lone Heron would never consider moving here without the installation of a bathtub or a whirlpool so she can soak—but I’d guess even that would fail to satisfy her for long. We need modern-day plumbing—showers and flushing toilets, which both require a well and septic system first.

All things are possible in due time. We just require patience and extra time.



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90° Windy, Clear to Partly Cloudy and Rain


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