hard workin’ man


The kid has been here for a little more than a week, and already he will be reporting for work next Monday in Terlingua.

Yesterday we went into town to get an estimate on a repair to our truck (the brakes went out), and we saw Archie turning away a tire repair (it doesn’t pay his bills).

“It looks like you’re probably turning away a lot of business,” I said.

“Yeah, my tire guy quit last week,” he replied.

“I could do that,” Derek said.

One thing led to another and a half an hour later, Derek and Archie were shaking hands. Derek had agreed to start work Monday morning. He’s going to learn to be an auto mechanic and do work on Archie’s inside computer. He’ll never be unemployed again.

When Derek was here before, he got his first job offer the second day he was here. This time, however, he said he was “on vacation” and needed a few days to settle in.

I’m personally happy Derek will be “otherwise occupied” starting next week. My peace and quiet will be restored, and Derek (with his social needs) will have a chance to meet everyone in town. Except for needing a weekly shower, I may never have to go into town again.



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  1. 1 elizabeth t.
    May 19, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    If you were on Facebook (God forbid) I would definitely be “liking” this post!

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