last day of peace


The house is dust-free and my housekeeper has left until next week. I have just awakened from a nap, and as I rub my eyes and look around, I realize that nothing will be so perfect as it is right now.

Let me savor it for a moment until it disappears for god-knows-how-long.

Hold on… just a moment more.


Alex called me and he is on the bus to Texas. He will be here sometime tomorrow or the next day.

At least I will never have to deal with the manager of the Day’s Inn Roanoke Civic Center ever again. She gives budget motels a bad name. The front desk refused to disclose the name of the company that owns the Day’s Inn Roanoke Civic Center. They said this was their policy. I’ll bet. It’s probably the only thing that saves the manager’s job unless her boss is a bigger horse’s ass than she is.

I never use this word, but I would have to say that she epitomizes the term “cunt.” (Sorry to have said it, but no other word will do.) Dealing with this motel manager just once on the phone sent my blood pressure soaring. I had to pop a nitro to get over the experience. Hell, she’s so bad she even gives cunts a bad name.

Anyway, Alex is coming alone for now.

When he is released from his mental facility, Derek is apparently planning to return to Donna. I just got off the phone with him; hell, I spoke with him twice today. How moving back with Donna will sit with the state of Virginia is anybody’s guess. In the absence of a crime, it seems to me that the state has no business dictating who can be married to whom or who is suitable to be a mother or father. I don’t trust the state’s bureaucrats to look into this young man’s heart and help him achieve his aspirations.

I’ll find out more about Derek’s plans over the next few days. Derek has been making Facebook posts that suggest he intends to build a house out here. We’ll see. It will be rough-going, but I am in his corner.

Lone Heron called me and said she will be leaving Atlanta sometime Saturday. She’s bringing Bruce, her dog. There’s no guarantee he’ll get along with Maggie and Max, but I’d be willing to bet that Lone Heron and I will get along fine.

Did I say it’s quiet? Stress-free? Only for a little while longer.

One piece of good news. I just received an email from Dave Thomas, the grandfather of C. Although everyone connected with this case has left Lawrence County PA (except the maternal grandparents, who still try to call the shots), Judge Motto and the Lawrence County CYS continue to punish C by keeping him in foster care, limiting his schooling to 4 days a week, and often deny C’s father his one hour of weekly visitation.

In a surprise move, though, Judge Motto (who has been holding onto C’s custody case and refusing motions for a change of venue) has made arrangement to move the legal wrangling and CYS oversight to Butler County PA, where the mother lives. The president judge in Butler County has accepted jurisdiction.

It remains to be seen whether Motto can constrain himself from remotely trying to steer the outcome. It is not likely that the Butler County judiciary will make any decision to reunite C with his father, but we can always hope.

At least there will be a new CYS organization involved. There is at least the chance that CYS in Butler County and the new court will be more about “the best interests of the child.”

One can always hope for miracles.



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2 Responses to “last day of peace”

  1. 1 matt
    March 31, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Was wondering what was happening with C; thanks for the update.

    I’m sure your dealings with the hotel manager were frustrating, Mr. Dailey, but such language! (It’s good to be “mature” and own the blog, eh?)

    • March 31, 2016 at 4:52 pm

      Yeah, yeah, I know. But have you listened to any comedians online recently? At least I apologized for using such a crude word. My wife would NOT have been proud. But Bill Burr would understand.

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