I don’t normally engage is name-calling, but I am particularly frustrated with two of my cases.

I have been working with one of our readers for over six months to get a simple cake of rosin—a substance applied to the bow-hairs of violins and other stringed instruments—forwarded to Dave Childress, who has a dream of learning to play the violin while in prison.

The gate-keeper at Dave’s prison facility (the Clemens Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice) of this instrument and the rosin is apparently the chaplain of the facility, a Mr. Davis. Chaplain Davis had previously said he would only receive a donation of rosin from a Christian church, so I asked the congregation of a local Terlingua church to facilitate the gift. Unfortunately, I have just learned yesterday that for reasons unknown Chaplain Davis has failed to forward the rosin to Childress. My contact wrote: “We don’t know if he didn’t get it, or if Chaplain Davis is just being a jerk.”

I would guess that this un-Christian obstructionism is a result of the latter.

Lest you have been paying too much attention to presidential politics, I will remind you that Texas is not the only home of jerks in America. For anyone who has been privy to Derek King’s recent posts on Facebook, you already know that the state of Virginia has been harassing Derek and his wife Donna, with two unwarranted imprisonments (and subsequent releases) of Derek to mental facilities. The latest outrage is that Virginia’s CPS has taken the couple’s four children into custody.

The best solution seems to be that Derek and Alex will visit Estrella Vista shortly after the beginning of April so Donna can get her children back. This is a time period that coincides with Lone Heron’s highly-anticipated visit. All the parties are looking forward to meeting one another.

I realize I haven’t written about Derek’s difficulties, and don’t intend to do so until Derek and Alex arrive. There are lots of moving parts to this story and I have been hampered by poor communications and knowing exactly what the facts are. Once the facts appear in this blog, you can count on them. In the meantime, please be patient.


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2 Responses to “jerks”

  1. 1 Daryl Watton
    March 25, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    David Childress has told me in his own words that prison staff, and especially the prison Chaplain, have been very uncooperative and downright nasty to him at times. Perhaps David has too much pride in himself to be as obsequious as the “jerks” there wish him to be — or perhaps there is no avoiding the nastiness of the types who choose to work in Texas prisons.

    • 2 Daryl Watton
      March 25, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      In fact, such uncooperative attitudes has denied David a chance to acquire a college education. Staff have repeatedly denied him funding and neglected his applications so often that he’s given up trying to deal with it. Unfortunately, this may endanger his parole when he becomes eligible because parole board members will look for any educational efforts on his record — and I’m told they have mere minutes or seconds to glance at a file to render their decision. Not promising and I’m angry about it.

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