hearts & minds

Manekin Pis and Bomb.

Over the night we have received word of two bombings in Brussels—two at Zaventem Airport (with at least 14 killed and 81 injured) and another at the Maelbeek Metro Station (with at least 20 killed and 55 injured)—and linked somehow with the recent arrest of the terrorist Salah Abdeslam, the logistician for last year’s Paris attacks, who was arrested in Brussels on Friday.

As of this morning there has been no claim of responsibility, but social media accounts linked to Islamic State militants have praised the attacks.

If Islamist extremists are truly interested in achieving social justice for people of their ilk, this is a piss-poor way of going about it. This will give rise to more people like Donald Trump—however in Europe, where there is already a long history of mindless hatred and xenophobia.

As our own experience in Vietnam has proved, bombing is always a counterproductive means of winning hearts and minds.


PS: Shortly before noon, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, stating that the reason for the attacks was Belgium’s participation in the coalition of nations putting pressure on ISIS. Analysts have said that the attacks were “too complicated” to have been purely for revenge for Abdesalam’s recent arrest.



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