let me go


Every once in a while, extremely old memories have a way of unearthing themselves from the detritus of the more recent past.

The other night, a song began running through my head from 1954, when I was only six years old. I won’t claim that it is a particularly important memory, only that it is an old one. I remember singing this song at the time, though I am unsure who covered the song—so many recording artists can lay claim to its popularization.

It was featured on the television program Studio One on November 15, 1954, and caught the fancy of the public. Joan Weber sang the song on the TV production, and though it quickly attained #1 status after its airing, I think the version by Teresa Brewer (November 18, 1954) is the one that attached itself to my brain cells.

One notable to “cover” it was Lucille Ball, though others who covered the song were Patti Page, Peggy Lee, Hank Snow, and Dean Martin in 1955. Kathy Kirby covered it in 1964, and it was one of the last songs recorded by Billy Fury in 1983.

I think it is interesting to note that it was based on a 1953 song called “Let Me Go, Devil,” about alcoholism. In the light of mass incarceration, however, the song assumes a new significance that was never imagined in its earlier days.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Teresa Brewer performing “Let Me Go, Lover”


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