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I’m surprised I haven’t thought of this before. It’s an easy way to provide content you will enjoy, and of all “news” commentators, John Oliver has done a better job than most of taking on the criminal justice system, which in America is totally broken.

The trouble is, Oliver has already produced seven segments on the justice system, which is a pretty formidable task from a viewing perspective—though good from mine. So compromise, compromise and create chewable bites.

I’m devoting today’s and tomorrow’s posts to dealing with Oliver’s backlog, and Monday’s post to addressing the purpose of Estrella Vista—providing a congenial place for juvenile parricides to land when they’re released from prison.

I have no idea if the parole system in our county is better than any other, but under your watchful eyes, I’m hoping the experience of our juvenile parricides will be better than most.

The two things I do know are these: the parole system is exploitive and designed to keep people involved with the criminal justice system as long as possible—but a lot can change between now and then. Secondly, there is no one out here I know of to gratuitously screw with anyone who is trying to go straight.






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