The other day, my housekeeper Karen commented that I do not write of emotions in this blog. What an interesting observation. Is it true? I may be too close to see it.

As someone who knows yours truly most intimately, I assure you: I feel emotion most acutely.

I have loved as deeply as any other man or woman. But what good does it do anybody to dwell on feelings of love when you can’t be with or talk to the object of your affection?

I feel rage and frustration at every slight, injustice, and injury suffered by the young people of whom I write. But what good does it do for their cause if all I do is focus on their setbacks? I have chosen one of the most difficult and misunderstood crimes of passion—juvenile parricide—for the focus of my efforts. The going will inevitably be very hard and will take many years. Why work my way into an early grave when the only way to win is to outlast the bastards?

How could anyone deal successfully with the effects of a stoke if one where constantly comparing the present with how-things-were-before, and allow anger to preoccupy and cloud the moment?

When writing, I prefer to focus on the positives, the possibilities, on the strategic attributes which are likely to conceal the solution that is staring you in the face, if you could only see it.

From an early age, guys are taught to compartmentalize emotion so it does not become a debilitating factor. Most women don’t understand this Jedi mind trick because they are accustomed to thinking with their whole brain rather than just the parts that still work. Compartmentalization makes it possible to endure and profit from the unendurable.



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1 Response to “compartmentalization”

  1. 1 Frank Manning
    February 22, 2016 at 11:36 pm

    She’s right, Dan, you keep your emotions out of your work. And you’re right too- -there is no room for emotions in the work you are doing. Often in my comments on this blog I fulminate and let my anger and outrage come through full blast. That’s the Italian part of my nature: To erupt like Stromboli rather than be eaten alive by the anger and hatred that injustice and depraved cruelty in others elicits from my soul. But I too learned your “Jedi mind trick”, and have more than once bushwacked some evildoer with an icy coldness that would be the envy of most psychopaths!

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