I haven’t made a special point of mentioning it in this blog, but for the past week it has been windy—which can be quite a big deal out here. Sometimes some very heavy objects indeed have a way of moving in very unexpected ways because of the wind. Even stones have a way of sometimes moving.

Last Monday the wind downed a power line in Big Bend National Park, and it started a grassland wildfire which has burned for a week and by midweek consumed nearly 1,500 acres east of the Park headquarters in Panther Junction. The Park consists of over 800,000 acres (or 1,250 square miles).

Heavy winds howled and helped the fire spread quickly. Fire had initially stopped spreading by Tuesday morning, but the winds picked up again that afternoon and started moving the fire into more rugged, hard-to-reach terrain.

Roadways and trails remain open, but a road to Rio Grande Village has intermittently closed when smoke or fire approach the roadway. The fire has been smoldering in some areas and openly burning in others. Crews are working to maintain firebreaks to stop the flames from spreading further.

Thirty-five to forty firefighters were on hand this week, along with 14 people from the esteemed “Los Diablos” firefighting team from just across the border in Mexico. Los Diablos are renowned across the country for their elite firefighting skills, enough so that they’re allowed special and fast legal entry into the US when their help is needed (sorry Donald Trump).



Groove of the Day

Listen to Cat Stevens (a Muslim) performing “The Wind”

(Sorry again, Donald.)


Weather Report

48° Cloudy and Wind


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