rape of germany


Political correctness is so rife in Germany, don’t be surprised if a memorial is built to commemorate the gangs of Islamic migrants who went on a rape spree in Köln (Cologne) this past New Year’s Eve.

The precedent for this outcome is the construction of the Soviet War Memorial in East Berlin’s Treptower Park. West Berliners and women of the wartime generation refer to the memorial as the “tomb of the unknown rapist” in response to the mass rapes of hundreds of thousands of German women by Red Army soldiers in the years following 1945.

This year, over 100 assaults were reported to have occurred during the New Year’s Eve festivities in Köln; the city’s chief of police, Wolfgang Albers, confirmed that at least 80 sexual assaults and muggings were perpetrated by gangs of migrants. This morning on the radio, it was reported that “two dozen asylum-seekers” were among those arrested for the assaults.
Victims reported the assailants, many of whom did not speak German, appeared to be from North Africa and Syria. A policeman who was outside the train station during the New Year’s Eve trouble told the city’s Express news website that he had detained eight suspects, seven of them Syrian nationals and one from Afghanistan. “They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates,” he said.
Under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, an “open door” policy has been in effect under which in 2015 there was a record influx of migrants—1.1 million Muslims, with plans for a million more this year.

What is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organized. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups at Köln’s central railway station, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.

In Hamburg several women told police that gangs of men had molested and robbed them on New Year’s Eve on the Reeperbahn—a street known for its boisterous night life. Similar attacks were reported in Stuttgart and other cities around Germany.

What is even more disturbing is that, for four four days, there was a concerted effort by the German government to keep the media from describing or identifying the assailants, and instead, to crack down on alleged hate speech.

Politicians and activists insinuated that heated rhetoric matches the intensity last observed during the creation of the National Socialists in the 1920s.

Merkel gave a speech December 30 warning Germans to shun “those with coldness, or even hate in their hearts, and who claim the right to be called German for themselves alone and seek to marginalize others,” Deutsche Welle reported.

Germany’s enforcement-blitz on speech laws in recent months include a police raid on a 26-year-old man from Berlin who said he celebrated when refugees drowned on the way to Europe. Another man in Wismar was given five months probation and a $325 fine by a judge for making similar comments, the Washington Post reported.

“It’s not politically correct to say anything against migrants. We don’t have freedom of opinion anymore. #Cologne,” a German Twitter user said.

Stefan Körner, chairman of Germany’s liberal Pirate Party, told the Post that deals reached with social media outlets reeked of “creeping censorship.”

Facebook, Google and Twitter are reportedly working with German authorities to control speech as angry citizens react to the chaos caused by refugees. The deal with social-media giants comes as Germans fume over the sexual assaults and robberies perpetrated by migrants last Friday in Köln.

“We’ve looked at our general rules and understand that very specific forms of language may constitute hate speech,” Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice president of public policy in Europe, told the Washington Post on Thursday. “Our German reviewers are reviewing the meanings of German words and trying to understand what language crosses the line.”

The slow arrests and four days of silence by Germany’s national media prompted citizens to take matters into their own hands.

Breitbart London reported Friday that a group called “Dusseldorf is Watching” attracted 2,300 members in less than 24 hours. Its members plan to attend major events to protect women from gangs of migrants.

“For public security in Germany the police are responsible. Deliberately searching for offenders is not a job for the citizen,” a spokesman for Dusseldorf police told local media when asked about the group.

Justice minister Heiko Maas finally had to make a statement: “Making this an issue by over-simplifications, and connecting it to the refugee issue (…) is nothing but a misuse of the discussion.” Then he added that the incidents might be “organized crime,” like the Mafia.

Telling the truth means that Maas would have to take a position different than that of his boss, Angela Merkel. He must know there will be more rapes, as well—not just in the streets, but in private places, too.

But postwar Germany is accustomed to being humiliated and used as a doormat.

For example, as part of the “Two Plus Four Agreement” (which paved the way for German reunification in October 1990), Germany agreed to assume maintenance and repair responsibility for all war memorials in the country, including the Soviet memorial in Treptower Park. Since 1995, an annual vigil has even taken place at the memorial on May 9. The motto of the event is the “Day of Freedom” and corresponds to Victory Day, a Russian holiday commemorating the final surrender of German soldiers at the end of World War II.

That’s why I say that someday there may well be a memorial to the New Year’s Eve rapists. It would signal the total dissolution of Germany’s national character.

This is what Germany’s enemies want, isn’t it?



PS: My son just sent me this link which suggests the German people have more backbone than their government.


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2 Responses to “rape of germany”

  1. 1 tape
    January 16, 2016 at 6:46 am

    It is all a bit more complicated than it seems from the outside. First of all, there are plenty of demonstrations against sexism as such, but explicitly not against refugees.
    There are also Pegida demonstrations, which are basically made up of people who want easy solutions and while not necessarily being nazis, would be the perfect material to become nazis: not being able to think, ignorant to facts and totally unwilling to accept today’s reality. They are declared sexists themselves, but now use the opportunity to demonstrate for the protection of german women.

    And there are even more demonstrations against such demonstrations.

    And then there is a chancellor, who made the only decision possible. At no point there was an option to keep the refugees out, as the mechanisms to do so have started to fail around four years ago, with everybody ignoring it and the German government leaving the border states of the EU alone in coping with this problem. So now some of those states gave up “protecting” Germany in some one-way solidarity and let the refugees pass through (Italy btw. still keeps up its end of the bargain, so in case someone would be interested in solving the problem rather than spreading hatred he probably would demonstrate for finding a solution to help Itly cope, but surprisingly nobody cares).
    Merkel, as visionless as ever, has failed to lead the country. At this point there would be the need to make plans which go beyond solving the immediate problem and also face the challenges a million people, who most have certain demographic properties (male, low education, 15-25 years old) will cause.

    The “rapes” were in most cases “just” sexual molestation and robberies, which in no way excuses the perpetrators, but gives insight into the issue, which is painted like a giant gang rape by a media world which has become more interested in clicks than actual information, but in fact is a chain of coincidence, of bad preparation on a political level and also an example of the problems which will arise when Germany cares about housing and feeding, but not about providing the values.

    And there the circle closes: Merkel’s decision to welcome the refugees would have been a perfect instrument, to share those values (opposing to the only alternative of them crossing the border illegally). Her mistake is not embracing them, it is not respecting them (and that is what political correctness means; “political correctness gone too far” is usually an expression used by people, who are convinced that it is okay to disrespect and discriminate people on the basis of their race, their gender or their sexual preference), it is simply once more not having a plan at all.

    The question is not “Do we need more refugees?”, since on that side there is no way of changing the facts. A better question would be “What can the state do to create enough room, education and work?”, which ironically would already have been a good question to ask before that crisis began.

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