sun worship


It’s been cloudy so long, I was beginning to think I’d never left the upper Midwest. The generator has been operating almost constantly, and I’m running through gasoline and propane like a profligate na’er-do-well. I know this torture will end, but it’s anybody’s guess when and for how long.

Then yesterday afternoon the clouds finally broke, and the sun began to bathe the landscape in better cheer. After repeatedly reverting to cold, depressing gray, it finally cleared completely by the end of the day. I awoke this morning, and after some initial fog, the sky was clear.

I was beginning to wonder if I had not been thankful enough for the sun’s warming rays when they were present.



“I’ve begun worshipping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It’s there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, and a lovely day. There’s no mystery, no one asks for money, I don’t have to dress up, and there’s no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to ‘God’ are all answered at about the same 50% rate.”

~ George Carlin, Brain Droppings



Weather Report

55° and Clear


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