by Henry Dailey

America is exceptional… exceptionally stupid.

Nearly half the country is in favor of bombing a fictional city from a cartoon, presumably because it sounds Muslim. On the plus side, bombing cartoons is probably cheaper, kills no real people, and gives Hollywood endless CGI violence movies and sequels (which is about all they make these days, anyway).

This from the same world in which J.K. Rowling states that “Trump is worse than Voldemort” and people camp out for 12 days to see a Star Wars sequel. And you wonder why I refuse to see most movies and turned off the TV long ago. Anytime I pass by something related to “entertainment,” I feel the stupid literally oozing out.

Also of note: Students at a Pennsylvania college demand that the name of a building dedicated to a former school president be changed because the name, Lynch, is said to be “racist.” I have yet to see anyone threaten a boycott of Merrill Lynch or attack the current US Attorney General on the same basis.

Ten years ago in Minnesota there was a local initiative to change the name of Coon Rapids because it, too, was thought to be racist. I never heard that claim until 2005. It is interesting to see how the Urban Dictionary defines Coon Rapids.

Rhode Island has also been a target of such campaigns because the state’s official full name is “Rhode Island and Plantations.”

I want off this planet. The ride is making me sick.


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