facebook wisdom

Alejandro Jodorowsky.

One of the most unfortunate things I repeatedly do is accept Facebook friend requests from people who are personally known to me, though not really close. I inevitably regret the decision and consider closing my account every time I go out to Facebook to see what this gaggle of “friends” is thinking.

I am tired of seeing selfies from narcissists. I’m tired of seeing food illustrations from fatties. I am tired of reading the political opinions of rabid right-wingers and spineless liberals alike. I am tired of reading mindless platitudes from all manner of people who “like” the thoughts of others but who don’t back their facile opinions with action. I’m tired of seeing countless pictures of cute dogs and cats. I’m sick of people who justify their lack of compassion with, as long as there’s “just one homeless child in America,” or vet, or what-have-you.

With that precondition, they’ll never step up. Why should I care what such hypocrites think?

But sometimes—and it’s the only reason I haven’t closed my Facebook account—there is something posted that I really, really like or agree with.

Such is the case with the above illustration. It originally included the name of the man who said it—Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky—but I had to take that out because it was misspelled, and Facebook is erroneous enough. I hadn’t heard of Mr. Jodorowsky before, so I tried watching one of his films, but lost interest. No less than John Lennon apparently thought Jodorowsky was hot stuff… but I guess I’m not up to his intellectual snuff or tastes.

Nevertheless, I do love the quote and have put off the decision to tank Facebook for another month.



Weather Report

61° Windy and Clear

A cold snap is expected tonight, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s already begun.


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