policing for profit

Interstate 40 Oklahoma.

If you’re driving on this Oklahoma highway, don’t carry cash

by Bonnie Kristian, The Week
September 8, 2015

Money seized by police under civil asset forfeiture is typically very difficult to recover, and it is often funneled directly to police budgets. “We understand the financial pressure law enforcement officials face to make do with shrinking budgets,” said the ACLUOK’s Ryan Kiesel. “But these numbers seem to indicate that huge sums of money are being taken but criminal charges are not being filed. That’s not how the system is supposed to work.”


The ACLUOK figures do not include additional seizures of property, like cars and houses, or confiscations by federal (as opposed to state) officers. A Republican state senator, Kyle Loveless, has introduced a bill which would prohibit police from seizing money or assets from people without charging them with a crime. Oklahoma police have opposed the bill.


Bonnie Kristian is a freelance writer and seminary student living in the Twin Cities. She is a regular contributor to TheWeek.com‘s Speed Reads blog and pens a weekly column for Rare. Her writing has also appeared at Relevant Magazine, The American Conservative, Antiwar.com, Reknew, and other outlets.



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