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I suppose it must be such a comforting thought to believe in guardian angels, those spirits assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country.

Guardian angels can be traced throughout all of antiquity and history, but I speculate that belief in such entities has been strongest among those who think we have only one shot at getting life right—that one’s disposition in eternity is dependent on making the “right” decisions in the precious here-and-now; that we will be judged and forever suffer the consequences of however we took our one-and-only chance. This seems particularly high-risk to me, and it stands to reason that the average person needs all the help he or she can get—hence the belief in “higher spirits” to whom major decisions can be abdicated or who can, at least, help guide our actions.

As a reincarnationist, I reject this notion. It seems to me that the purpose of life is to become more moral, independent, and capable within ourselves, and that trial-and-error (rather than blind faith and obedience) is the preferred path to learning. As we face momentous decisions in life, I believe we must be open to “memories” and “lessons” learned in past lives. To access them, we must follow our own intuitions. In other words, we are our own best “guardian angels.”

This, I think, is the true source of individual strength, wisdom, and higher consciousness. But if you believe that such wisdom comes on angels’ wings, that’s okay, too. The important thing is being receptive to such voices, whatever their source.


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