It seems so remarkable to me that some areas of historical inquiry are totally off-limits almost everywhere but in the US—but even here, certain partisans attempt to persecute and curtail “free speech,” even when such inquiry is an honest attempt to establish the truth of what actually happened.

For example, the outbreak of World War I, even 101 years later, is presented by most historians as the result of a series of alliances which made the war a mindless and almost-automatic thing—but it never has made any sense to me until I ran across the real story that the historians won’t tell you about. It never made any sense to me why the United States had entered the war until I learned that Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed (because of an extra-marital affair when he was at Princeton) into changing his policy from US neutrality to intervention by Samuel Untermyer, a NY-based attorney and president of the leading Zionist organization in America.

a good month's businessIn 1916 the Germans were winning the war, and they approached Herbert H. Asquith’s British government with a “status quo ante bellum” peace proposal that, if accepted, would have been a setback for the Zionists’ hopes for establishing in Palestine what later became the state of Israel. When the Zionists learned of this offer, they approached the British with a quid pro quo deal.

“If we can get the Americans to enter the war on the British side, will the British Government support the establishment of a homeland for us in Palestine?”

The result of this deal was, first, the American entry into a war that did not concern it, then later, the Balfour Declaration: the November 2, 1917 letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, that made public the British government’s support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration led the League of Nations to entrust the United Kingdom with the Palestine Mandate in 1922, a legal commission that formalized British rule in the southern part of Ottoman Syria (including Palestine) from 1923-1948. The state of Israel was then established as an independent entity in 1948.

Don’t just take my word for this. If you want to hear it for yourself, listen to this 1961 speech delivered at the Willard Hotel by Benjamin H. Freedman (1890-1984), a NY-based Jewish businessman, former principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company, anti-communist, and advocate for justice in the Middle East. He had an insider’s view of Zionist organizations and was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and many other leaders of the 20th century.

World War II is no less a source of mythology, fiction, and perpetuation of wartime propaganda. As I quoted in an earlier post, the “founding myth of the Federal Republic of Germany” is the victimization of the Jewish people by the Germans. There has been a relentless, concerted effort to saddle the German people with the sole responsibility for the war and for race-based reprisals against European Jewry.

Judea-Declares-WarWhat is totally obscured by the mainstream narrative, however, are at least two major facts among many: first, the role played by Zionists in the fate of the Jewish people that predetermined their unnecessary imprisonment, slavery, and deaths at the hands of the German government, and second that, again influenced by Samuel Untermyer, world Jewry declared economic war, a boycott, on Germany in 1933—an act regarded by many Germans as a profound betrayal.

This was ten years before the Holocaust took place, and it was in 1933 that the familiar (future) death-toll of “Six Million Jews” was also trumpeted by the Zionists to the world. How prescient.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is a recording of a video by Anthony Lawson (1935-2015), a video-journalist and former director of prize-winning commercials, ad agency creative director, cameraman, and voiceover actor. He described himself as a “stickler for accuracy” and his record demonstrates the correctness of this description. He died earlier this year of cancer.

In this recording, Lawson describes how Rudolf Höss, the commandant of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943, was tortured and almost certainly lied to save the lives of his wife and children—telling the Allied victors exactly what they wanted to hear. Lawson states that the utter falsity of the Höss confession is established because the gassing method he described is not scientifically plausible. Yet Höss’s conviction has stood as a testament to the murderous cruelty of the Germans in general, in lieu of any physical evidence that the Holocaust took place as reported. Höss was tried at Nuremberg and subsequently hanged in 1947.

If you prefer to watch the video (it is only a little more than a half-hour long) you can access it here.

sylvia-stolzOne of the most deeply troubling things for me is that Sylvia Stolz (b. 1953), a defense attorney, has been jailed twice by the German government (for 3½ years and 20 months) for attempting to effectively defend her client, a so-called “Holocaust denier.” She was jailed for attempting to carry out her professional duties, to present information to legally establish the facts and underlying truth of the offenses of which her client was accused—but the court held that under Paragraph 130, Section 3 of the German criminal code, the truth is irrelevant and inadmissible.

The principle of legal certainty that a crime was committed has never been established in any legal proceeding, nor is it observed. In fact, it is regularly contravened. From the Nuremberg Trials to the present day, no credible physical evidence has ever been presented to prove extermination as a national policy; only eyewitness testimony corroborates these monstrous crimes, and most of it is unreliable hearsay or perjured. Of course there are photographs of the camps when they were liberated, but these could just as easily prove the existence of typhus and starvation and other logistical breakdowns resulting from Allied bombing.  There are credible Allied investigative reports that support German versions of what was happening in the final months of the war in the concentration camps.

At Nuremberg, in fact, the military tribunal declared that it would not be bound by the rules of evidence. Furthermore, it declared that it did not require proof of facts of “common knowledge”—this could be established by the newspapers and propaganda of the time. Said American chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson: “As a military tribunal, this Tribunal is a continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations.” In other words, the victor need not prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt in order to burden its opponent with guilt.

In the judgment of another trial, the so-called Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial: “The court lacked almost all the usual forms of evidence available in a normal murder trial to create a true picture of actual events at the time of the murder. It lacked the bodies of the victims, autopsy records, expert reports on the cause of death and the time of death, it lacked any trace of the murderers, murder weapons, etc.” An examination of eyewitness testimony was available in only rare cases. “The court thus was, in clarifying the crimes of the accused, almost wholly dependent upon witness testimonies…To this it must be added that there were hardly any witnesses who lived through the events at the Auschwitz concentration camp as neutral observers.”

As the case of Sylvia Stolz illustrates, questioning anything about the Holocaust is prohibited by law and, in fact, defending one’s self of any such charges is also prohibited for both the accused and his/her defense attorney. It is quite extraordinary, and unique among all “crimes.” By this insane logic, you might as well incarcerate the defense attorneys who represent our kids for their parricides.

Why does this crime of questioning anything about the Holocaust have such special status? The Jewish people were not the only ones who suffered in the war. More than 60 million people died; is their suffering of less value? What are the European governments trying to prevent us from discovering? But don’t just take my word for it. Watch Sylvia Stolz’s presentation and imagine what powers-that-be must have converged to concoct such an illogical, unfair, and unique law and force its passage on the legislatures of Germany and most European nations.

I won’t leave you hanging with an unanswered question, but the answer won’t be easy. This is a recording of 2½ hours’ duration, by Myron Coureval Fagan (1887-1972), an American writer, producer and director for film and theatre and a red scare figure in the late 1940s and ’50s. Fagan was an ardent anti-communist. The recording was originally made on 3 long-play records and is a fairly complete history of the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Relations as of the date of its recording, which was 1967-68.

Fagan claims that the extraordinary wealth and power behind the entry of the US in both world wars, creation of the state of Israel, the political exploitation of the Holocaust, and the constraints on freedom of speech can be attributed to the international bankers, led by the House of Rothschild. Moreover, he says the Illuminati have been patiently pursuing their plans for 239 years, since 1776.

Since Fagan made his recording, the Illuminati have morphed into the Bilderburg Group, and according to Alex Jones, they are making a major move right now towards establishing a “one world government” and destroying our national sovereignty.

You can dismiss all this as an elaborate and fanciful story, but if you succeed in wading through all the content of this post, you will not only discover that all the separate threads hang together, but that you will have completed a comprehensive course in conspiracy theory… Conspiracy 101.

Whether it’s true or not, I cannot say. Acceptance of any parts of the story does not make one a Holocaust denier or anti-Semite, only a seeker after truth. History demands a unifying theory to give it meaning and coherence. Otherwise it is just chaos.



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