holiday 2.


My apologies to those who have visited here, but this weekend would be a waste of a good post.

My numbers are seriously down anyway while people are off playing, and it will disappoint the fewest number of people if I continue slacking off for another day.

I’ll make you think tomorrow.



If you’re in Greece, only two more days until the bank holiday is over.

In today’s vote, Greeks overwhelmingly rejected demands by international creditors for more austerity measures in exchange for a bailout of its bankrupt economy.

61% voted “no” vs 38% “yes,” with 97% of the vote counted.



Groove of the Day

Listen to the Bee Gees performing “Holiday”


Weather Report

96° and Clear, turning Cloudy with Intermittent Thundershowers


1 Response to “holiday”

  1. 1 Dave
    July 5, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    A day off once-in-a-while is well deserved!

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