happy easter


I celebrate this season, not as a religious holiday, but as a delivery on the hope for renewal.

We are having a glorious spring at Estrella Vista. The desert is carpeted with yellow wildflowers, more lush than I have ever seen before. Since the return of the predominance of light with the Spring Equinox on March 20th, life in this harsh place has become easier, softer, more gentle. I am spending less money to heat the house. I am having to run the generator less often, sometimes running for days at a time on sun power alone.

My greatest source of anxiety has been whether we can raise the legal fees to fund the legal appeals on behalf of our four Texas inmates, as well as for the defense of a young man from Alabama, Travis Montgomery. Last week I received a letter from Travis accepting our offer of legal help. And last Friday night, I received a call from my most loyal donor promising a substantial gift—$10,000—within two weeks to help pay our anticipated legal expenses of $50,000 for these five cases. That call transformed my forebodings and fears to optimism that we will be able to succeed in our immediate mission.

I am preparing a new post to introduce you to Travis and his plight. It will probably appear next week. I know that when you hear his story, you won’t let him down. He seems to be a very fine young man.

In the meantime, please enjoy this season of rebirth. It happens every year, but is never quite the same. This year’s reawakening has followed a particularly wet and difficult winter—but it accounts for the present desert bloom. It goes to prove that, contrary to what I had almost grown to expect:

“The best is yet to be!”


Groove of the Day

Listen to Charles Groves & the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra performing Sibelius’ “Spring Song”


Weather Report

69° and Clear


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