who do you trust?


A couple days ago, a friend sent me a bunch of Photoshopped pictures of former NBC TV anchorman Brian Williams that spoofed his tendency for exaggeration.

This whole Brian Williams thing got past me until his suspension for 6 months was announced. I don’t know what the big deal is or what people expect. Betrayal of trust… really?

Before Williams apologized for exaggerating an account of a forced helicopter landing during the Iraq war, on an index compiled by a Dallas-based company called The Marketing Arm he ranked as the 23rd-most-trusted person in the country. On Monday of last week, he ranked as No. 835.

Yesterday I consulted a Readers Digest list of the 100 most-trusted people and found, to my great amazement and amusement, that the list includes in its top ten Alex Trebek, Bill Gates, Sandra Bullock and, at #1, Tom Hanks. The same is true with The Marketing Arm’s list.

Says Matt Delzell, marketing director of The Marketing Arm: “It’s saddening to know that the top 10 in trustworthiness includes mostly actors, people who play fictitious characters that other people write. Not many people know what Tom Hanks is like in his personal life. We don’t get the opportunity to see that. But the fact that the majority of the population is basing, you know, their trustworthy decision on somebody who plays fictitious characters and somebody they see on a movie screen, is saddening to me.”


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