happy to be alive

I was in Terlingua yesterday to buy supplies, and I ran into Chris, one of my old friends from the Grub Shack. Chris is a woman from Maine who spends a few weeks a year here, and was one of the ringleaders of the “nincompoops.” I haven’t seen her in a year, but yesterday she seemed to be a person transformed.

I learned to my great surprise that she had nearly died twice since she was last here. This is not a mere expression; she actually had no pulse and the medical people brought her back. She had suffered from a heart embolism, massive internal bleeding (for which she received nine transfusions), and stage one cancer—the latter caught early because of her hospitalization for the embolism.

She told me that despite being on death’s door, she was never afraid of dying. She was only sad at the prospect of not being with her husband and no longer working. Though trained as a nurse, she has worked for more than a decade as a tour guide and loves it. She also told me that in her time of crisis, friends she didn’t even know she had came out of the woodwork to comfort her.

I’m not surprised. Her attitude towards living accounts for everything. What a great example!

happy to be alive 2


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Listen to Teddy Pendergrass performing “Glad To Be Alive”


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