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Today is the first day of the fortnight (December 28 – January 13) governed by the rune Eoh.

Traditionally, the meaning of Eoh is “yew’, one of the most long-lived trees in Europe (up to two thousand years) with the strongest wood. Called the tree of life and death, it is said to represent the vertical axis of the world, the yew-column and cosmic tree Yggdrasill.

Yew wood was traditionally used to make the best, most powerful longbows. Such a weapon could be at once an instrument for inflicting death or, just as effectively, warning off conflict. Either way, a man with a longbow was likely to remain alive.

The fortnight of Eoh comes at a particularly dark and cold time of year when bitter conditions seem to invite despair. Eoh is, however, a rune which asserts the enduring power of life over death—indeed, of life reborn from death.

The form of the runestave suggests a strong hook traditionally used to hang an iron cauldron over a fire. As such, Eoh symbolically urges strength and fortitude, and offers the surety that life will prevail over death. Thus, the lesson of this rune is to “Hang on!”


Last night as I was meditating on the meaning of the rune, it occurred to me that a practical lesson of the rune is one of “strength through connection”: connection of ideas, materials, as well as between people. Steel, one of the strongest materials known to man, derives its flexibility and tensile strength from the fact that it is an alloy of iron and carbon.

Magically, this rune is used to lend strength to our strivings, to provide a firm foundation. We can rely on Eoh in time of need. It protects us by making one sensible and thoughtful.

 connection between people


Groove of the Day

Listen to Elastica performing “Connection”


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