Hands Passing Baton

The reality is just beginning to sink in. This week Alex King will have been here just about a month, and I’m just permitting myself to believe that this is not a temporary thing, but permanent.

It changes everything.

Dreams are transformed to reality, the building process can now commence. At long last I feel my successor is finally in place and all the work and setbacks of the last nine years have not been for nothing. More important, kids and young adults will now have the second chance that has been so long denied them by a heartless and unthinking system. They will no longer have to face the future alone as Lone Heron has been forced to, but will be surrounded by a supportive new “family” that will make the process of reconstructing new lives outside the bars a viable possibility.

Some will make their lives here at Estrella Vista, others will make their lives in the outer world. It will be their choice. But all will have experienced personal freedom and the support to become as much as they can be… support their own dysfunctional families and circumstances could not provide.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Ringo Starr performing “It Don’t Come Easy”


1 Response to “continuity”

  1. 1 Bob H
    October 2, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Alex will need to see clearly, so I finally got around to putting some money in for your request of a few days ago for help with glasses. After I suggested making requests for concrete items, it would have been poor if I didn’t respond myself when you did! It’s a bit like the “little wishes” program that a Seattle charity supporting kids in care has:

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