another cattle call


Every week, it seems, some member or another of the media is offering us an opportunity to chase our tails and tell people in the outer world about our work for young people.  To tell you the truth, it is difficult to work up much enthusiasm for these “opportunities.” By now I am jaded in my view after having been told so many times that our labors here are so “fascinating” and “needed,” yet more often than not, when push comes to shove, they typically result in nothing.

Admittedly it is difficult and expensive to send film crews out here to East Jesus, beautiful and dramatic though it may be. Estrella Vista is located literally at the end of a long and lonely road. The media centers in our world are concentrated in places like New York, London, and Los Angeles, which are miles and eons from this place. And if some young sophisto were to come here, what would they see? A simple mud house that is more dream than substance.

It took nearly a decade before Alex King finally came here, and I can still scarcely believe he’s here and has fallen in love with the place.  Others will follow, too. Lone Heron keeps saying she will make the long trek out here, that it is just a matter of time and money. Maybe she will stick, too. She speculates that she will.

In the meantime, I will continue fielding media inquiries. This week I am scheduled to speak with a writer from CBS who has recently moved from ABC and wants to pick up where we’d left off months ago. Yesterday an intern from a New York production company asked me to produce a video introducing the Redemption Project and its underlying philosophy. (Thankfully Alex is here and knows how to do that sort of thing.) It’s not a sure thing, of course, and who knows how long it will take even if it is?

We will continue chasing our tails. Maybe something will bear fruit.


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1 Response to “another cattle call”

  1. 1 Ivon
    October 1, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Dear Dan,
    I want to tell you that I started reading your blog few months ago. I think it’s great thing and I hope that you will find more people who could help you with your dream. I know it’s not easy. I don’t know how it is in the USA, because I live in the Czech Republic (it’s in Central Europe) but for many people here is… I don’t know how to say this… absurd… if you want help people who were in prison. When I say that I have a penfriend in prison, their faces are like: “Are you kidding me?” It’s sad. But truth is that they haven’t got information about these people and about prisons. For many journalists isn’t popular to write about things like this because for many people it isn’t popular topic. But I’m from small country thousands miles away and I have found you. And you are the main reason why I wrote my first letter to prison. Don’t give up! You’re doing good thing and you are going to win. 🙂

    Best wishes… Ivon.

    Oh, I have to apologize for my English. I know… it’s somewhere between comedy and tragedy. 😀 But I didn’t speak English in last three years so writing in this language is bit of problem for me, because there are many differences between our native languages.

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