This is happening a lot sooner than either of us anticipated. My guest not only says it’s okay for me to share his identity with you, but he urges it. It is his choice, not mine.

Alex at Estrella Vista

My visitor is Alex King, and he loves this place. After less than two days, he says being at Estrella Vista is already working its magic on him.

Alex and his brother Derek were involved in a 2001-2002 arrest and court case in Pensacola FL. Alex received a 7-year sentence and Derek received an 8-year sentence. Derek spent six months at Estrella Vista several years ago. Derek and Alex were the first parricides with whom I became friends, and the first and only kids who have been released from prison upon serving their terms.

I had expected something entirely different. I had thought that it would take at least a week before Alex would begin to relax and shed the negative effects of the outer world. But even shortly after I met him at the train, he began to comment to me how courteous and kind the people were that he encountered in Alpine. After his first day at Estrella Vista, he was struck by the amazing power of being surrounded by so much beauty.

I told him that the Big Bend is said by some people to be one of the most powerful energy centers on earth, and that maybe it was this inherent power in the land to which he was responding. He responded that he believes in that sort of thing and allowed that the speed of his adjustment could be attributed to something like that. But we’re not unduly concerned with analyzing the cause of his reaction; it is enough to see how unguarded and comfortable he is here.

We have met in person several times before; this is an entirely different Alex King than I have ever known. I jokingly told him he’s put me in a bad spot: I will be tempted to take credit for his transformation.

But the truth is, he has learned well from turbulence in his life so far. He arrived a different person than I had expected. He is a mature, intelligent, and talented individual. He already knows what he is about and what he needs. Alex has arrived at Estrella Vista prepared to make use of the place, not so much as a place for healing, but as a locus of opportunity. As I showed him around the property, he not only grasped the vision, but began volunteering what tasks and roles he could undertake to help.

I can’t predict how his visit will turn out or how long it will last. I can only say that Alex couldn’t have reacted better to Estrella Vista, and that we are off to a good start.

Initially, the mission of Estrella Vista appears to be in play at last.


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4 Responses to “disclosure”

  1. September 10, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Danny i remember what you said about ” everything has its own time ” i congratulate you on your wisdom and patience. All comes to those who wait. Love & Blessings my friend – Dusty

  2. 2 BobH
    September 10, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    That is great news. Two young men on course to make their new lives. I don’t doubt that some kids could be evil, but I never got the sense that Alex or Derek were anything except led astray – like Paul Henry.

    And there has to be a hope for redemption, no matter what. Even in the case of Herbert Nicholls, the 1930s 12 year old who shot the sheriff and seemed unrepentant, he was released in his 20s and lived a quiet and productive life. Good book: http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/BARBOY.html

    So, with two young men on the path outside, next!!

  3. 3 Frank Manning
    September 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    This is simply fabulous. It’s funny, Dan–when I read your earlier post I guessed your visitor was Alex. Seemed only logical. Let him know how glad I am that he is finally out of, and rid of, that abominable Florida that tormented him for so long.

    I too will attest to the healing and energy-renewal powers of nature and her awesome beauty. I love the pics you’ve posted of your Big Bend area. It’s quite different from Washington State–we have towering snow-capped mountains and endless evergreen forests. To go hiking along one of our wilderness trails is a profound spiritual experince. If Alex should ever want a change of scenery we would welcome him as our guest.

  4. 4 Daryl Watton
    September 11, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Several of my correspondents have said that when they achieve freedom, they will want to work to help other youths who were in their predicament. If Alex chooses this as well, he has an ally here. Please forward my contact information to him.

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