IMG_3130It was a cloudy, grey weekend and uncharacteristically cool. It even rained a little bit. We’re catching the remnants of the hurricane that hit Mexico. Not good for electrical generation (I ran the generator for the first time in weeks) but a relief nevertheless.

Tonight I must travel to Alpine to meet the train; at this time I can only say that I am meeting a long-anticipated visitor. For the first time in almost three years I will be sharing this little space with someone else for an indefinite period of time. My visitor is going to take over the sleeping loft (which I can no longer access because of the stroke), but most of the time we will be sharing the one single room of the house plus the boundless outdoors.

It will involve an adjustment; living alone fosters habits which must be curbed in the interests of courtesy and mutual comfort. We are both introverts, so I have a hunch we will be compatible, but only time will tell for sure. You don’t really know somebody until you have lived with them for a while.

At any rate, I am hopeful that the presence of an able-bodied person will allow progress to be made on Estrella Vista. For the last couple years, it has been quite a struggle just to stand in place. The natural elements and two dogs (one of them a puppy that chews) seem bent on constant destruction. Despite my best efforts, some days it seems like we have been through the Dust Bowl. This place is not what I would prefer it to be.

I’ll fill you in on more details as my guest’s comfort level dictates. Right now maintaining privacy is of paramount importance. But because so many of my friends have expressed concern at my solitary lifestyle, I thought it advisable to let them know that I am not alone and in caring hands. Actually, I always have been.

I am a fortunate man.


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1 Response to “fortunate”

  1. 1 chunkymonkeh
    September 10, 2014 at 9:20 am

    who could it be? i am intrigued! glad that you have someone there with you.

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