delta force


2 Responses to “delta force”

  1. 1 Simon
    August 26, 2014 at 9:19 am

    And again nothing learned,12 yo boy charged as an adult with murder a 9 yo boy.After this he tried to make suicide. He is obviously mentally ill . In several news-papers Prosecutor says, she need to lock him up forever! http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/highlight/boy-12-charged-with-murder-no-one-loves-me/53e22ac9fe344478d30001bf?cn=tbla

    • 2 Gloria
      August 27, 2014 at 7:16 am

      such a sad case… Simon I honestely doubt they (the prosecutor and the state) care about this child at all. I honestely doubt, America as a whole care at all about these children, since they keep charging childrens so Young as adults. Another two 12 year old old girls in Wisconsin have been charged as adults, one of them has been declared no competent for 2 psiquiatrists. They will just wait until she is competent and procede with the disgusting way of prosecuting children as adults.

      Quoted: Target 8 has uncovered disturbing details in the childhood of accused killer Jamarion Lawhorn, 12.

      After hearing what we found, the victim’s family wants to know if the playground murder could have been stopped.

      Bill Verkerke, the grandfather of victim Connor Verkerke, said that after learning about Jamarion’s background from Target 8, he is angry at the mother and the state.

      “Anger is a justifiable emotion, but it’s worse than anger,” Verkerke said. “You can’t be mad at that child, the 12-year-old. What are you going to do to the state? I don’t know what you do with them. Could sue them I guess, but that won’t change anything.”

      Jamarion stabbed Connor to death on a Kentwood playground for no reason other than that he wanted to die himself.

      He told police he’d always been in trouble and had gotten teased in school, but those reports mentioned nothing about the abuse he’d suffered at home, or his mom’s long history of abuse.

      Within days of the killing, the state temporarily removed Anita Lawhorn’s remaining three children, ages two to 14. Jamarion is still locked up.

      Last week, it petitioned to permanently take away her parental rights to all four children.

      “She should be held criminally accountable,” Connor’s grandfather said. “Not only for what she did to her son… but maybe for what her son did to my grandson.”


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