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bad decisions

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I read somewhere—I can’t remember where—that now that whole TV series are available on-demand, more people are treating them like books, gorging on them all at once, and seeing them through to the (sometimes bitter) end despite their quality. I must confess that I am a compulsive member of the “clean plate club.”
Chances are, if I can get past the pilot of a series, I will watch everything that’s available—even if it becomes more exasperating as time goes on.
I am currently finishing up the fifth season of Six Feet Under, and I cannot wait for it to be over. The series would more appropriately be called “Sex Feet Under,” and it is an unending display of the characters making stupid, bad decisions that make me cringe. Every second or third scene is sexual in nature, and many of these scenes model kinky sex, betrayal, dishonesty, cowardice, a lack of character. Bad decisions about heterosexual sex, gay sex, bi sex, sick marriages (including a doormat of a woman who marries a man who has been married and divorced six times), and just plain craziness. I would love nothing more than for all the characters to be killed off by the last episode. There’s nothing they can teach me about living a better life.
It makes me wonder once again what is normative behavior? This is not my behavior, but it may well be more common in the outer world than I imagine.

A 2013 study at Marquette University suggests that no one really knows. Researchers questioned young women between the ages of 3 and 17 about their experiences with sexual harassment and sexual violence, and the results were truly alarming and disheartening.

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. Many of the young women surveyed said they chose not to report harassment because they didn’t want to make a “big deal” or were afraid they would be labeled “whores” or “sluts” by their peers.

Many girls also said they believed that men cannot keep themselves from harassing or grabbing women, describing men as “unable to control their sexual desires.” According to the report, “they perceived everyday harassment and abuse as normal male behavior, and as something to endure, ignore, or maneuver around.”

A sad commentary on what we think of as acceptable.


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