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no excuse

I have lots of things to write about but, today, no time to do it in. Just when I was awakening from a nap which was intended to help me recover from a trip to town for provisions, just when I was awakening to sit down to compose today’s post, my friend Ronny called to say he was bringing his daughter Theresa by within an hour to meet me.

My initial joke upon meeting her was how a father so unlikely could have such a beautiful daughter, but I was not exaggerating. Theresa is one of the most beautiful (and nicest) women I have ever met. Hell, she is one of the most beautiful woman I have never met. New York City beautiful. World class. I felt privileged to have met her under such favorable circumstances, to have been so highly recommended as someone worth knowing by a father she loves and respects.

My gain is no excuse for having missed writing today’s post, but I don’t care. I am an old man, which gave me license to have told her to her face how stunning she is. What she did not know is that I have always tried to surround myself by beautiful women, that as a connoisseur of beauty today was one of the high points of my life. Knowing beauty has been my life’s work.

Meeting her threw me off my game. After a long visit and after they left, I took another nap and awoke at 2:00 am, a post not written.

But like I said before, I don’t care. Meeting Theresa is one of the best things which has ever happened to me.


Groove of the Day

Sorry, my new speaker unit has been shipped but not received; so I still cannot make my selection.