worth considering

At first I was repelled by this idea. But as I thought of all the wars of conquest perpetrated by ourselves and our ancestors, all the wanton destruction inflicted on the environment and the “lesser” races, the preponderance of white kids involved in school shootings and parricides, I thought: Why Not?

You decide if there isn’t something to this.


child murderer

Making a Child Killer

A racial theory of parricide

by Derek King

Now, lets forget about the American legal system, justice, laws, and all that BS for a bit and lets go ahead and discuss what we know about the kids themselves. I recently got into a discussion about this with a Mexican friend of mine who is a psych major. This is a subject staring everyone in the face but no one has the balls to openly discuss it these days. The majority of all of the kids involved with parricide cases and school shootings and things of that nature typically are all of the same race, and that’s White People. 

Yes, the other races have lots of violence. But you do a study of the murders committed in each race as a whole and you will find that each one typically has a common theme. What makes the violence of the White race so different than the others is that there is no warning of the act to come. The children of this race do not murder out of anger or hate, more of just a means to an end. The kids look like and act like any other of the race, they are not crazy or mentally unstable it is just that for some reason eliminating someone or some people who stand in the way of the ultimate goal is deemed as okay in their minds until the brain becomes fully developed and that inhibition is put into place by the social contract theory, by society teaching them how to use their minds to do the same thing with words and superior intellect as opposed to “unprovoked” violence.

The fact that there are so many people who advocate for these kids goes to show that there are many people who understand this in America and who can empathize with the act they committed. Granted no one believes these acts should go completely unpunished but they understand why they have been committed. It is something that lies dormant in the psyche of these children and it is not anything malicious. No more than a loaded gun is malicious in and of itself. Put in the wrong hands or put under extreme pressure it will come out. Hitler knew this, look at the Hitler youth movement. Plus think about the fight or flight instinct that fear will put a person’s mind in.

Take a look at the Spartans and the Agoge. First, infanticide was a part of the culture. Then ones who made it pass the inspection were then taken from their family at the age of 7, put in the wild where they were forced to steal and kill in order to survive. By the time they were adolescence they were chiseled into the best soldiers of the world at that time. It’s all right there in history. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure all of this out. All you have to do is connect the dots. Take away human warmth and abuse kids until they can’t take it anymore and killing is just a part of life.

The problem with America today is that our culture is at a point where it is beginning to bring this out in kids at a younger and younger age and is becoming more and more common with each passing decade. Kids are becoming so violent and out of control that no one knows what to do with them anymore. It starts at home with the lack of morality or any family values. Most of these kids suffer some sort of mistreatment. No self esteem is built and then they go to school where they get harassed and bullied even more. After so long they just can’t take it anymore and they want an escape. Self mutilation and self harm are a social norm and these murders are nothing more than a cry for help. Like I said several times before, I had more freedom in prison than I did at home with my father.

The work you do to help these individual cases is great and all, but it is only cutting the weeds off at the soil…they are only going to grow back, more of them and thicker. We need to address the issue of the state of our society as a whole. The US military was busy playing hide and seek with a man on his death bed all over the middle east while this country is rotting from the inside out. We are in every other country’s business but the only thing we do for America itself is just sit in shock at all the horrible things happening in this country as they are discussed on the news. Only reports, no action taken to try to fix the issues of the brokenness in the families of America.


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11 Responses to “worth considering”

  1. 1 anonymouse
    May 28, 2014 at 7:25 am

    I have pondered many of these points over the years, but found no universally common thread to be pulled. Yes, morality in the home and society are factors, but that thread too disintegrates as it is pulled, because many of these kids came from good, “moral” homes and knew right from wrong, at least in the basic sense. I think much has to do with the mixed signals kids receive today (at home, school, church, etc.), but amplified by mass media and entertainment. Is there a link between race and access to such entertainment, combined with a greater rejection of traditional values? Maybe.

    And bullying isn’t anything new, nor social ostracizing, nor firearms, so why does it seem that only recently has it become acceptable in the minds of some kids to strike out in such horrific ways? I don’t know the answers either, but I can bet that even if research identified a clear, unarguable association between the American lifestyle and these episodes, it would still be scoffed at if it infringed upon the perceived “freedom” of our citizens to live life as they choose, regardless of the consequences.

    The American Ideal worked when it was founded on common principles of morality and social responsibility, but as the influence of those values has diminished in the advancement of modern personal freedoms and mass communications, we are seeing more common and greater extremes of personal behavior.

  2. 3 Jeffrey
    May 28, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    I am sure that someone as young as Derek and his friends mean well but they are to young and naive to know how the world works. Having been in the military I have been places and seen evil on a scale most Americans could not imagine. There are dark places in this world that make the American prisons we speak of here seem like a Holiday Inn. Unfortunate as it may seem the leadership of the world is our job at this time lest we want China or Russia running things and that should scare anyone who knows their political systems. As the leader the middle east is our business as we are now part of a global economy and if violence erupts there it effects the entire world.

    On the topic of violence here I will agree with you. I recently had a conversation with my kids, one of whom just returned from Afghanistan about all these mass shootings. These did not happen when I was young on this scale and with this frequency and trust me when I say there were guns in every household back then where I grew up. I say it`s the decaying culture we live in, I mean violent video games that are incredibly realistic (my 13 year old grandson had his Grand Theft Auto game taken by his parents after seeing it) movies where the supposed good guy is more violent than the bad guy and the large number of single parent homes which has went very bad for boys who need a father to teach them how to be a decent man and not a savage.

    I do want to also say a big thanks to you Dan after watching Murder in Enchanted Hills. I think Paul would be looking at a bleak future without your intervention, it`s your blog that brought this story and the others to mine and many others attention. For Derek keep fighting and arguing for what you believe in, I may not always agree with you but I`m one of those that would defend with my life your right to say it.

    • 4 peterloudon
      May 30, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Jeffrey, I have thought long and hard before responding to your comment, but there are two issues which I must, respectfully, take issue with.

      Firstly, leadership of the world is NOT Americas’ job at the moment nor has it been for some considerable time, if it ever was. Joining WWII and being the only country not bankrupted by it did not put your country in charge. America intervenes where and when it pleases to protect or further its commercial interests. Period. (If you wish to dispute that, you may wish to start by explaining why the Rwanda genocide was completely overlooked by America.) There is no realistic probability of China and / or Russia taking over the world.

      Secondly, I find your statement “I am sure that someone as young as Derek and his friends mean well but they are to young and naive to know how the world works” to be patronising in the extreme. Neither you nor I have “walked a mile in Dereks’ shoes”, so to dismiss his shared insights on the basis of his youth and naiveté is offensive.

      Read what he has written more carefully and you may find in it a reflection of the way America conducts its foreign policy. When there is an obstacle to be removed, young men in Arizona play video games with drones and, somewhere on the far side of the planet, a bomb goes off and thirty or so people die. The dead may or may not include a genuine militant or criminal, but the collateral damage inflicted in a foreign, sovereign, country with which you are not even at war is nothing short of criminal.

      I think America would do well to look at what Derek has written and contemplate not only parricides, but the way it conducts itself as a nation in the community of nations. Derek may have hit on a far deeper truth than you realise.

  3. 5 Derek King
    May 30, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Ok, there is one thing I really want to address in the introduction Dan put on the blog post. That is the whole “lesser” race thing. I believe that we are all equal in our abilities and contributions in the world. However, like I have explained to a friend earlier today, life is like a track meet. There are different competitions, literally different races. Different athletes have different talents and abilities and they compete in specific races that they excel in. In the world today, in this age you cannot try to classify one race as being superior than the others because that would have to involve everyone in that particular race as being better than another race in every aspect of life. We all have gifts that God has given us from the individual gene pools that we all have come from. Not just genetics alone but also thru the evolutionary process our cultures have gone thru over generations of adaptation. It can be as simple as people who come from generations of the cold weather are born with thicker skin than those from tropical or warmer climates due to physical adaptation.

    In the Bible the Jews are God’s chosen people. However, when they decided to reject Jesus, torture, and execute him that was no longer the case anymore. The gift was then given to all people of all races, those who have made a conscious choice to go thru the process of spiritual rebirth, spiritual awakening, and the spiritual development. Jesus says “I am the way…”. The Tao Ti Ching is a book written by the Chinese back in the 6th Century BC. Tao means “Way” and it is exactly what Jesus was trying to tell the Jews when he was alive and that teaching is what they rejected and killed him for teaching. They were the ones who developed the arrogance of being the “Chosen Race”. The religious leaders hated, and envied that Jesus was just a common man that was more popular and was more spiritually awakened then they were with all of their laws and pride. However the way to heaven and the lifestyle of those who are spiritually awakened was not new, it always was, it is, and it will always be. It was just new to that culture and the Jews tried to eliminate it. But you can’t eliminate “The Way”. It just is.

    So, centuries before Jesus was even alive, there were cultures that have been living that lifestyle he tried to introduce into his culture. There is no such thing as racial superiority. There are the people who are spiritually enlightened and then there are the Zombies, the living dead. With all of the nameless, faceless critics who want to put their “2 cents” about me, my life, and the decisions I have made you will see that there are 2 sides: the ones who understand and empathize with me and the ones who think I should be dead, or at the very least caged up like an animal and cut off from society for the rest of my life.

    Regardless of what people feel, let’s go ahead and look at the reality of the situation: I am out in society again, I have been for over 5 years now. I have many friends and people who love me, I excel at anything I put my mind to, and I have kept 4 years of solid work history since I have been released. I’ve traveled this country, and I have also been to Europe. The rest of the world generally hates Americans because of their ignorance and lack of respect but I made many friends from many different countries while I was there. While people are sitting around in their lives pointing the finger of judgement at me there are even more who love me and accept me for the person I am regardless of the decisions I made in a matter of 30 minutes one night when I was in middle school. Nothing has stopped me, nothing has held me back, no obstacle has ever been too great for me to overcome because greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

    I love and respect everyone who I meet and I find every new connection or relationship that I make as a opportunity to learn and grow. Everyone has their own life story, talents, and skills, and when I meet a person I want to find the things they can teach me. I am open to learn from everyone who is willing to get to know me as a person and who respects me as a unique individual. That alone has been one of the essential things that has allowed me to survive and to get so far in life. I don’t judge and I don’t look down on anyone. I am just curious to know who they are, what they have been thru up until the time they met, and how they got to the point in life that they are at in the present. In return, I try to find out how I am supposed to help them grow. What am I supposed to give them for their life to be better in ways that no one else on in the world would be able to help them grow in.

    I love to travel and I love meeting people of diverse cultures because they know things I don’t and I know things they don’t. If we get to know one another then we learn that we all have something unique to bring to the table. If anyone would like to have the opportunity to personally connect with me or if anyone feels as though they have anything, resources, knowledge, virtue, or of any way that they would like to share with me to help me continue to grow and to build my life up in some way then comment or message me at DaKing410412@gmail.com. I am also on Facebook as well. Thank you all for your love, concern, and support over all of these years and for still being here for me, for living life with me from wherever you may be in the world.

    • May 30, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      I agree with your views on racial superiority. Please note that I put “lesser” in quotes, because it is the attitude of arrogant people who feel a false sense of superiority, not mine.

  4. June 10, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Very good article. I am experiencing a few of these issues as

  5. 8 Didacticus
    June 26, 2014 at 9:10 am

    It is a myth that children are getting more and more violent. In fact statistics prove the exact opposite as there has been an astounding drop in serious violence among juveniles compared to the early 90s. In fact the available evidence is consistent with the view that the current generation of children is the LEAST VIOLENT generation in the entire history of the United States.

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