urgent request

Chris Brown

Last night Chris Brown, Jordan’s father, called and said he needs our help. On March 11, he needs to get from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia for the March 12th session of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where the five-year odyssey of injustice and abuse he and Jordan have endured will hopefully begin to draw to a close.

With all of the deductions from his modest paycheck that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania makes for the support of his son in prison, he cannot afford the $575 round-trip airfare. He barely has enough to subsist on what is left, and this financial torture would be unsurvivable if he were not still living with his mother to get by.

We need to get Chris Brown to Philadelphia on the morning of March 11th, hopefully on US Airways. In Philadelphia, he and Jordan’s legal team of attorneys Dennis Elisco and Steve Collafella will go to the Juvenile Law Center, where a mock trial will be held to practice for the next day’s Supreme Court session. Each side will have 15 minutes to present, with questions from the justices following.

Chris needs to be there. He is an integral and central part of the team. He is not trained as an attorney, but no one has a better practical knowledge of the bogus case against his son than Chris Brown.

I have committed to making this part of the trip happen, no matter what. Chris has his overnight lodging paid for with loyalty points supplied by a family member, his mother will supply him with spending money to cover his incidental expenses, but he is counting on us to make the flight possible.

Will you please consider making a contribution in any amount today? If you have frequent flier miles on US Air, we can put these to use, too. Because we will have to book and pay for the flight before the money is actually transferred from our fiscal agent, I would appreciate receiving an email from you (at sowelo2000@yahoo.com) signalling your intention to contribute. I am sure you will appreciate that time is of the essence.

To contribute, please click at the top of this page or on the link below (which will take you directly to the Jordan Brown Trust Fund).

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PS:  Chris deserves our support. He wouldn’t be asking for our help if he didn’t really need it. Unlike so many people in this greedy world, he is a giver, not a taker.

Case in point: On February 28 he happened on a hit-and-run victim while on his way home from work. He stopped, called for emergency services, and commenced CPR. It was a gruesome, bloody scene, but Chris was undaunted. He continued chest compressions until the medics arrived. Despite his efforts, he and the medics were unable to revive the older gentleman.

After all he has been through, there was room in his heart for the suffering of another human being, and he found the incident heartbreaking and disturbing. “What kind of person hits a human being that is someone’s brother, uncle, dad, husband, son and just keeps on going?” he asked. “The world we live in today is very sad.”

Chris is my hero. He just keeps going on. No matter how discouraging life’s reverses, he never gives up.



2 Responses to “urgent request”

  1. 1 UKscot
    March 6, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Didn’t think this case could get any worse, is his suffering not enough that the state have deprived him of his son? But he has to pay for NOT having him around! Dan I’ll be in touch re ‘urgent request’.

  2. 2 CT
    March 6, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Hope Jordan is doing as well as he can it sounds like he is 16 is a tough age anyway especially when you are locked up. Although the GJR sounds like a nice place as these places go.

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