rings in the water

As you have probably surmised from my posts over the last two days, I have been laying low. Until today, the weather outside has been beastly cold (like much of the rest of the country), and the only way to get through it has been to bundle myself under the covers and “veg out.”

tumblr_m42ybeb2i91qe4vldo1_500I took the opportunity to catch up on The Daily Show and other TV fare, learned next to nothing of value and, in fact, have an even more discouraging view of life in the outside world as a result. The only thing which saved me from total despair was a phone call from my friend Rusty, who reminded me as a reincarnationist, that this world offers opportunities for learning life-lessons which are unique in the Universe from millions of places where life has taken hold.

“No matter how awful our lives are,” said Rusty, “it is a privilege to be alive on earth. Every lifetime has something valuable to teach us.” Thank you, Rusty. I needed that.

mirror1In the meantime, David Childress’ story has gone viral. As of the writing of this post, Dave’s story has attracted over 2,400 visitors in two days, which is very good for this blogsite. But more than the increase in traffic (which signifies that Dave’s story has finally achieved traction), I am gratified by the high number of comments from people who knew Dave as a child and adolescent, and were unaware of what was happening to him.

I am encouraged that so many people agree that Dave’s story deserves a second look, that Dave himself deserves a second chance. This is the first time since 2005 that Dave’s story has received any attention at all.

Jordan Brown 2011I have neglected to share this news, and I am sorry for the oversight. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced it will hear arguments on the Jordan Brown case March 12 in Philadelphia. Last month, the court agreed to hear the appeal, filed by the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General. When you think of what this ordeal has entailed for everyone involved in this case, it makes one’s blood boil at the torment which has resulted from so much of what can only be characterized as malpractice by police and prosecutors. This case has been dragging on since the beginning of 2009.

rings 3One of the major personal insights which has accompanied Dave’s and Paul Henry’s stories is that many more people are effected by the act of parricide than just the people we typically think of: the perpetrator, the victim(s), the family of the parricide. It is like a pebble splashing in water. Many friends, acquaintances, even total strangers are effected in ways that we often cannot anticipate.

Sometimes these people lash out at others, even inappropriately, in an effort to blame someone else or share their pain with others. It makes the act of forgiveness a very complicated thing. Some people can never forgive or take responsibility for their role in the tragedy. Some people can never move on.

This insight may seem very obvious to you. All of this is still new to me. I am still learning. I don’t know; maybe I am a little slow on the uptake, too. But I am surprised at how far the rings in the water spread out.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Thomas Scott Pearce performing “Rings in the Water”


1 Response to “rings in the water”

  1. February 8, 2014 at 4:45 am

    As most of your readers, I know David only by that what has been published on this site. There are only few informations available about his case. I sincerely hope that, among all those who remember him, there will be some to resume contact with him and give him a support, moral or otherwise. This would considerably expand his horizon.
    Gloria had announced the news about Jordan in a comment, a few weeks ago. Hope that the Court will reject the arguments filed by the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General and that this will pave the way for a rapid release of this young man. This kid lives in hell since nearly five years by the fault of people who have totally forgotten that the investigation should also seek everything that might exonerate someone. Something they did not really search to do. It is high time that justice is done to him.

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