memphis mosquitoes

The powers-that-be in Memphis are striking back. Yesterday someone in Memphis hacked our researcher’s Internet account and temporarily disabled it. And overnight several attempted fraudulent charges showed up on one of my credit cards.

These are only minor inconveniences, and they will not distract us from our defense of James Prindle. Such activity will only create electronic trails which may eventually lead us back to the lawbreaker nuisance-makers. We are intended, no doubt, to occupy ourselves swatting mosquitoes while the real threat is organized beyond our reach.

We’ve been following up on evidence of official corruption in connection with James Prindle’s trial. We’ve contacted the FBI and other federal authorities and have been sharing the information we have developed. The toothpaste is out of the tube.

Yesterday we learned through James that Judge Bobby Carter may be intending to send him directly to an adult prison where his life will be at greatest risk—an unofficial death sentence. He was told that the most likely facility for this purpose is Hardeman County Correctional Center in Whiteville TN, a private prison operated by the Correctional Corporation of America. James’ lawyer Claiborne Ferguson also said Hardeman was a likely landing spot for James. However, when I called Hardeman, public information officer Tasha Mitchell told me they do not accept inmates below 18 years of age. So why James was told this, we do not know. However, it scared the hell out of James and it occupied the better part of Stephen’s day to calm the poor kid.

Is this a diversionary tactic, or is there an element of truth to the story James was told? If not Hardeman, then to what facility will James be sent?

Is it possible that the powers-that-be in this disgraceful tale do not want James Prindle’s appeal to go forward? If the boy is no longer living, goes the reasoning, the appeal would die with him. James’ lawyer Claiborne Ferguson told us that if James is sent to an adult prison, he will likely be dead within a month.

The appeal may die, but our investigations won’t end. Creating a martyr through the sacrifice of an innocent child would only throw fuel on the fire and burn everyone around it. It is in everyone’s self interest that James Prindle’s welfare and safety are guaranteed.

We are prepared to offer the court a solution that will meet its requirements for a secure institution answerable to TDOC and assure James Prindle’s welfare and safety while his appeal goes forward. This is a youth facility with a best-in-class reputation worldwide. Plus, it will cost Tennessee taxpayers not so much as a single dime.

It will, in fact, save taxpayers at least $24,000 a year and maybe even save a few political careers and jail time.

Judge Carter, please contact me.


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10 Responses to “memphis mosquitoes”

  1. 1 Andy Rich
    June 27, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Im torn, dead within a month? i feel as though i have a death on my hands the we knows coming and well oh god, it feels like holding onto a loved one hanging over the edge of a cliff knowing that you cant keep hold and theres no one to help

    Sentancing any person to anything where harm to a person will come should be a crime against humanity and the person who does this should be brought to justice themselfs for placing a person in harms way.

    Im sorry but this is getting very sick now you inhumane bastards, if they do this, you are no better than the sick bastards who flew the planes into the twin towers, your a monster in yourselfs

  2. 2 Patrick Murphy
    June 27, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    I highly recommend contacting local media. Investigative reporters can be your best friends. Any ideas on national media / columnists who might be interested in James’ case? This whole situation is disgraceful!

  3. 3 Gloria
    June 27, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    This is getting really sickening, if something happens to James they should be held responsible. I truly hope the FBI gets involved.

    Recentely the FBI rescued 79 minors from sex slavery in a major nationwide raid


    quoted: “Child prostitution remains a major threat to children across America,” said FBI acting executive assistant director Kevin Perkins. “It is a violent and deplorable crime, and we are working with our partners to disrupt and put behind bars individuals and members of criminal enterprises who would sexually exploit children.”

    Perkins says that rescuing the minors is only half the battle: “Once the child has been taken out of harm’s way … the story just begins at that point.”

    Once these children are taken off the streets, authorities call in the NCMEC to offer the kids counseling and assistance in adjusting back to normal life.

    “A lot of these kids … will go back,” Allen says. “It’s not only important that they get help — but they need a specialized kind of help.”

    The FBI should go to have a look around in Memphis, bet they will catch a whole bunch of pedophiles there, who are walking free.

    • 4 Andy Rich
      June 27, 2012 at 4:53 pm

      I think your right, but the FBI need to also rescue the kids in jail or prison, they see whats outside the jail walls and see it as a violent and deplorable crime, well how about the abuse kids go through in the jails and prisons that police put in there and yet it shows double standards.

      Every kid matters, not matter who they are and where they are, if they are a kid they should not be ill treated or put in harms way anywhere regardless of wether they are prisoners or free runners, the country, not just the state should hang there heads in shame

  4. 6 Andy Rich
    June 27, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    If this was to happen here, they would be a complete uproar, i cant imagine a judge here ever making a teenager goto a adult jail, i had a friend who was 17 got sent to juvenile prison for fighting and they even let him stay there after his 18th birthday for a couple months until his release date, and even then if he had gone to adult jail, he would have been on a prison wing with other prisoners aged between 18 and 21 also known as the young offenders wing.

    I am curious though, doesn the prisons over there have a dedicated wing for vunerable prisoners? over here theres the general population all mixed aged 18 – 21 and 21+ and then theres the vunderable prison wings, also labeld the nonse wing by prisoners where you get sex offenders, child killers , child abusers, people who cannot cope with the normal wings and other people who might be at risk of harm on normal wings but everyone who goes on these wings has to be in agreement that in place for a cell on the VP wing, you must not cause any grief for anyone else on the wing and you must follow the rules. That way no one gets harmed and dont judge people on there offenses and if you dont want to talk about yours dont. Anyone who breaks the VP wing rules could potentially be placed back on a normal prison wing. Is there not something like this there that could maybe protect james?

  5. 8 Frank Manning
    June 28, 2012 at 3:20 am

    In the course of his visits with James at the Memphis jail Stephen has told James about this crazy New Yorker with the Brooklyn accent from Washington who calls Stephen every day there in Memphis with encouragement and support for both of them. On Wednesday James told Stephen to say hi to Frank. I told Stephen to tell James: “Frank sez, Don’t think about what might be, and don’t beat yourself up over the past. Stay in the day. Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, and today is the present — a gift, so live in it just for today. Oh, and, love ya kid!”

  6. 9 Gloria
    June 28, 2012 at 6:26 am

    Please sign and share.

    Help kids to get protected from their abusers.

    What’s wrong with judges that sides with pedophiles and abusers and put kids in harms way all the time by sending them to live with their rapists or convicting him of crimes they do not commit. Really, what’s wrong with the system.?


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