prindle trial recap: day 2

Stephen was distressed when he called tonight with his report. He was emotionally exhausted and sick with worry over James’ state of mind.

“Based on what was presented to the jury today, the case is still a draw,” Stephen said. “But after the jury left the courtroom, Judge Carter said that the state had failed to prove at least two of the charges”—presumably the rape charge and the child abuse charge—“and that he was considering adding more sub-charges to the two charges the state could prove”—presumably the child endangerment and false police report charges.

Jefferson Sanders stormed out of the courtroom saying, “Well why don’t you just fucking let him go?!” A couple bailiffs started to pursue Sanders, and the judge stopped them saying, “We’ll deal with him tomorrow.”

When James heard the judge’s words, he crumpled, buried his face in his hands, and cried despondently. He refused words of comfort from Claiborne, and Stephen was not allowed near him. Stephen waited in vain all evening for a call from James and hopes that James will get some rest before tomorrow’s proceedings.

Everyone (not least of all James) was surprised by the judge’s statement. It impresses me as evidence that Judge Bobby Carter still regards his role as more prosecutorial than impartial—he was, after all, an assistant prosecutor before he was elected judge. When Carter ran for office, his boss prosecutor Bill Gibbons was Chairman of the Committee to Elect Bobby Carter Judge of the Division Three Criminal Court in Memphis, Shelby County Tennessee. As one website asked, “What better way [for the prosecutor] to win cases than to have your own hand picked judges?”

Witnesses called today by the prosecution included Brandon Wilkins, the neighbor James got to call 911; Shawn Tucker, the first responding police officer on the scene; Demar Wells, a crime scene investigator, Sergeant C.J. Ray, a detective for sex crimes-juvenile division and the guy who didn’t believe James when he tried to tell the truth and said they’d already “thrown away the key”; and Marrvin Lee, a corrections officer from the juvenile detention center who had confiscated the drawing by James.

It was revealed in court that a nearly identical drawing was provided to police by Jefferson Sanders who claimed he had retrieved it from James’ room—a curious claim, since James says he only made one such drawing (at the detention center after the incident), and because Sanders was no longer living at home since his relationship with Monica had become estranged. It also seems curious that this second drawing had not been discovered by crime scene investigators if it had indeed been in James’ room as Sanders claims. Given Sanders’ history of tormenting James and trying to destroy him (see https://wandervogeldiary.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/father-knows-beast/), and in the light of yesterday’s sly gambit, it seems entirely possible that this second drawing could have been produced by Sanders for presentation to the police as damning evidence.

Though they are still on the prosecution’s witness list, brothers Noah and Micah Scheulin (see https://wandervogeldiary.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/fever/) did not appear in court today. Stephen speculates that they were no-shows based on the fact that Noah is now living in Minnesota and Micah was to have moved there soon. The prosecution plans to wrap up its presentation tomorrow with only two witnesses, nurse Nina Sublett and her supervisor, who examined Neily Shea’s injuries on the night of the incident. You can count on graphic photographs being presented.


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17 Responses to “prindle trial recap: day 2”

  1. 1 Gloria
    June 21, 2012 at 3:26 am

    Mmmm!!!!! quoted: he was, after all, an assistant prosecutor before he was elected judge. When Carter ran for office, his boss prosecutor Bill Gibbons was Chairman of the Committee to Elect Bobby Carter Judge of the Division Three Criminal Court in Memphis, Shelby County Tennessee

    How is it possible that the DA office campaigns for one of his employees for Judge? How can ever be possible to get a fair trail in a court room controlled by the D.A.’s office?

    Geez!!! how this blatant corruption can be tolerated. What a Joke!!!!!

  2. June 21, 2012 at 3:48 am

    This Sanders sounds as a real “lovely piece of work” – James we all over here feel for you throughout this ordeal. Be strong mate & know that there are heaps of people around the world who are cheering you on (rooting for you as you Americans say). YOU WILL PREVAIL MATE!!. £ance (and “The Gang”).

  3. June 21, 2012 at 4:17 am

    I can;t sleep, I am too worried about James. When you lose all hope, you lose everything. Judge Carter took it all from James yesterday by his words/actions. James has had nothing his entire life, and the few things he was given, were taken from him in a short period of time. Verbally abused, always treated like an outsider by his own family, the two people who should have nutured James (his mother Monica, and his step-father Jefferson Sanders), injured James all the more. Jeff Sanders is one disgusting dude, and to watch him up close, and see how he acts, he is a hot-head, and blows up constantly. Jeff beat James regularly, and it larg part, if James is convicted, it will be in large part because of him. I am hopeful that Mr. Carter was just blowing smoke, and won’t do what he said he would do yesterday. This charade of a trial is beyond belief and being here watching it unfold before my eyes beyond description. I am beyond words right now, my concern is with James and not being able to offer James any encouragement, or simple words of care when I left the courtroom, and seeing him in that state was devastating. James was so hopeful, that when this trial was over, he would be able to start a new chapter in his life, and finally be able to be with those of us who truly do love and care about him, but that dream James was finally was seeing, was moved far, far away from sight, by what seems to be Mr. Carter’s passion for going for the jugular, no matter who is being tried. This hurts all the more, because we are talking about a very loving, caring child, who has never had a life to speak of, who was just starting to see some daylight in his bleak life, had all hope of a future taken from him.

    Today is a new day, and I have to forget about yesterday’s sorrow. This has to be the bottom point for James, hopefully, today prayers will renew James spirit and he will have the will to fight on, and I’ll be able to give James some strength, and redirect that pain he is feeling inside into some positive energy. It is not James destiny, to spend time in prison for something we know he didn’t do. Many of the staff at the courthouse, love James, and have come to us and tell us how they know James isn’t guilty, and is being framed. If this were a case in front of public opinion, of people who have heard all the evidence, James would be free, yet is facing at least 15 years in prison, and as many as 135. Plus with what Carter said, that minimum/maximum could go up drastically.

    This isn;t a fair trial, this is a lynching!

    • 4 Andy Rich
      June 21, 2012 at 5:50 am

      Its making me feel sick, upto 135 years in jail? hows that come about? I see Peados over here get jailed for raping little kiddies and get 5, 10 or 15 years and come out after doing only half so why 135 years?

      I hope James can be strong, and let us all hope that there is some faith that the jury can see the truth

    • June 21, 2012 at 5:51 am

      Hang in there Stephen, we over here can only imagine what both James and yourself are going through. All of us over here care about James as much as you folk do, and it grieves us greatly with how things are going. Yes tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a lot of prayers will be answered and things will look up. Please let James know that we will NEVER desert him, whatever happens. As I mentioned in a previous post, we Aussies have taken him on for life & we will do whatever is within our power to ensure that no-one will EVER hurt him again. We are with you 100% (and a lot more) mate. £ance.

    • June 22, 2012 at 7:03 am


      I’ve been circulating your request to have supporters come sit on James’ side of the court room. I’ve added this request to the front page of the website, on facebook, ScoopIt, the Hope and Voice Journal, and on Twitter. Hope this helps. Keep your chin up and look for any small victory within each day. I agree with some others who think the day was actually positive if the judge thinks the state failed to prove their case on some charges. In addition, the judges’ words may have given the Defense some future ‘out’ or grounds for appeal. It would seem to me this would be a very big mistake by the judge. It sets him up for all sorts of things like asking him to be recused, perhaps. ???

      I’ve been asking around the advocacy world if anybody knows whether or not a judge would be legally allowed to add sub-charges during an on-going trial. I don’t see how this could be legal thus perhaps leading towards an overturn of any conviction or possibly a dismissal or all sorts of stuff.

      So, keep your chin up and tell James ‘Aunt Tonya’ in VA is “rooting” for him too! Hopefully, James will get at least a good chuckle at Lance calling him “mate”. LOL

      (Lance, We love ya! Your aussie language is too cute! )

      Stephen, Take care and try to get some rest.

      Dan, Thanks for keeping James’ story in the public eye and giving him a voice for a defense.


      Tonya Meadows

  4. 7 Jeanne
    June 21, 2012 at 8:37 am

    I do not understand how a judge can add “sub-charges” in the middle of a trial. It seems very unethical and quite disturbing to add charges that would more likely acquire a conviction.

    Also, is the defense going to point out the record of the boys that were there and moved? Will they put James on the stand to talk about how Sanders treated him, to disprove his credit?

    Very troubling case.

  5. June 21, 2012 at 8:49 am

    James is in God’s care. God knows what they are doing to James. I have been praying for James most of the day since his trial. I have taken off a week for vacation and will pray and talk to the Lord about James. I wonder if I could send James a letter electronically. Can anyone help me on this matter ? I gave James my phone number asking him to call me on my days off, but he doesn’t know I am off all this week 6/23. James can reverse the charges and I will pay for the call. Lord, Surround James with Warrior angels. I cover James with the Blood of Jesus. I bind all demons that are hindering James from being set free. I command you to get out in the Name of Jesus ! Get out in the Name of Jesus ! Mark 16 : 17

  6. June 21, 2012 at 8:54 am

    After my last comment, I have been able to rest some. I am leaving for the courthouse shortly. I was able to talk with James for just about 5 minutes this morning before they were to transport him. He is down today, and feels like giving up. I told him that the world is praying for him, and are sending thoughts his way. I told him today is a different day then yesterday, and it will finish much better than its predecessor did. He said he loved me, I told him I loved him and that this trial is not over. To have faith, and don’t worry, that everything will work out. We said a short prayer together and he had to go.

  7. June 21, 2012 at 10:49 am

    I too am praying for James. Brett Jones was tried in a Kangaroo Court as well. His lawyers failed to perserve anything for appeal. The hope here is It sounds like James’ lawyer knows how to lawyer, which is a major plus. I can’t understand how a child of 14 can be responsible for putting siblings in harms way. I would think that would be the parent’s responsibility, not the child’s. These charges really seem like something from the twilight zone. I feel these days that I am truly living in an alien land.

    James was acting like a 14 year old, he left when he was supposed to be babysitting. The same thing happened to me when I dashed to the store and left my 14 year-old in charge of her little sister and she left with a friend to go to a neighbor’s house. I was angry, but I was angry at myself. It was my fault.

    I can’t understand how the judge can add charges. Isn’t the accused have the right to know each and every charge he must defend against before trial starts in order to mount a proper defense? This will surely delay the trial if the lawyer asks for a continuance to prepare for the “sub-charges”. Maybe this isn’t unnecessary in a Kangaroo Court where a trial is a formality with the outcome predetermined and a continuance will be denied.

    Stephen, God bless you and James as you both go hand in hand through this burning hell. You are an angel from heaven to this child. You can take comfort in what you mean to each other as you endure this ordeal. The road is long, but I believe God clears a path for his “angel warriors”.

  8. June 21, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    well well this sanders sounds like a jerk and a hot head. and him to do this to james is a crime itself in my eyes and gods eyes as well. man to hear james wants to give up on things is not good. wish i can be next to him and hug him for comfort pat his back and to encourage him. if i could i would of been there in tenn in heartbeat. but cant affordthe whole trip by myself. broke my heart on this and him to say well deal with james tomorrow sounds very upsetting to us all. there taking a kid and wants him to be in adult prison dont wanna think what will happen and makes me furious that judge wants to harm abuse a innocent kid here. I am gonna cry cause im upset on this matter how way james is treated. I do know this one thing those who delibertly says he is guilty and wants him away will be answering to the almighty god. and shows you hatred is on them. I sent james a ancouaging inspiring lift up spirits some. there is a song i dedicated to him at this time talks on how god loves us made us in his image he is beautiful in gods way. he counts and is worth something. I would trade my left arm to get james free let go. its stupid that james could not give stephen a hug to comfort him its like had no one to hug and comfort him. very upsetting. But im gonna foght this postive for james and judge will have common sence to free james and jury will say hes innocent and say no to prison. james did not do a damnn thiung to a child. and as far as to inmates he is no baby rapist. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR thats wroong saying that crap. I GOTTA COOOL OFF NOW. Hang in there stephen were all praying for james and you. pray god converts jury and judge to say james gets out jail and goes to be with you or whoever to love him. you ba a awesome daddy for james..

  9. June 21, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Reblogged this on Hope and Voice Journal and commented:
    …“But after the jury left the courtroom, (ex-prosecutor) Judge Carter said that the state had failed to prove at least two of the charges”…“and that he was considering adding more sub-charges to the two charges the state could prove”..

  10. 13 sarah
    June 21, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Maybe I’m not understanding the context of the report above but in my opinion, if the Judge is saying the state has failed to prove two of the charges against James – presumably the two most serious charges of rape and child abuse – it sounds to me as though the case is going downhill for the prosecutor. That’s good! Granted the ideal outcome is aquittal on all charges, and I agree the judge shouldn’t be allowed to add charges, but I think the judge’s words are actually encouraging. Obviously Jeff Sanders came away with the same impression.

  11. 15 Patrick Murphy
    June 21, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    I agree with Sarah. Dropping the two most serious charges would indeed be a blessing. After the so-called “stepfather” acted like an idiot in court, the judge saw what James had to deal with in his home life and may be more sympathetic. Will the other charges stick? Possibly. But having the charges against James of a violent sex crime dismissed should be a tremendous relief! Again, cautiously optimistic – more so today than yesterday.

  12. November 19, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    The Bodydecker and I are flattered that you’ve chosen our song as Groove of the Day. Where did you hear our song Web of Lies first? Do you pick the Grooves of the Day?

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