father knows be(a)st

The closer we get to James Prindle’s trial, the more information is surfacing about the backstory which has brought James to the present moment. If you have been following the comments to the May 23rd post “Mommy Dearest,” you’ve seen that two people who know James’ mother Monica Sanders have volunteered the opinion that Monica is a low-life, and was such even before she abandoned James to the wolves of law enforcement, the jails, the prosecution, and judiciary.

But I am here to tell you that there is an even more pernicious character in this tale, and that is Jefferson Sanders, Monica’s second husband and James’ truly evil stepfather. This guy is no Jim Anderson.

Monica described Sanders to me as “abusive and crack-addicted,” but the depths of his character flaws are even more cavernous.

From the time Jefferson Sanders entered Monica’s life, James’ life became a living hell. Sanders made it a special point to try and destroy James. He subjected James to a steady diet of cruelty and extreme physical and verbal abuse.

One can only speculate about Sanders’ motivations, but it is a safe bet that James was a constant reminder that Monica had been carnally “known” by men other than him—and Sanders’ need for control is so pathological and absolute, the very sight of James must have ignited Sanders’ rage.

James has told us of the numerous times Sanders beat him with a switch fashioned from a tree branch, and of other times Sanders beat him with a leather belt and buckle, usually on his upper back and shoulders where it wouldn’t show at school. Sometimes the physical abuse was so severe that Monica would take some of the hits herself, just to give James time to crawl out a window and run away. Sanders would always pursue James, and after bringing him back home, he would subject James to verbal lashings that made the physical beatings seem small by comparison.

It was not enough that James was to have been broken physically; Sanders would settle for nothing less than total destruction, breaking James physically, mentally, and spiritually. The abuse was so persistent over such a long time, James actually began to believe that he was as worthless as Sanders said and deserved this treatment.

Whenever James was given a gift that made him happy, Sanders took it away in short order and destroyed it, usually with James looking on in tears and horror. Monica once took James to Walmart for his birthday,  where she purchased a skateboard for him. James had had it for only two days when Sanders returned home, saw the skateboard, went ballistic, and took the skateboard away. Not content to simply confiscate James’ birthday present, Sanders found a saw and forced James to watch as he cut it in two.

When a neighbor gave Monica a small 12-inch TV, she put it in James’ room. That night when Sanders came home, he saw the TV in James’ room and smashed it to bits. In fact, Sanders destroyed at least two other large flat screen TVs the family received, smashing those as well in his fits of rage.

As was de rigueur among kids at the time, James liked to wear his shoe laces untied, which infuriated Sanders. On two occasions after Monica took James to the mall to pick out sneakers he liked, Sanders used the untied shoe laces as a justification for burning the new shoes in the trash with James, of course, being forced to watch. James went barefoot after those incidents, and many other times, too, as a result of Sanders’ rages.

Through the whole 7-year length of his marriage with Monica, Sanders always kept the family moving, so they were never in one place for an extended period of time. What friends James ever did make, those were all taken from him, too.

Jefferson Sanders always did everything possible to destroy James, and to prevent James from being himself and being valued for it.

What kind of monster would systematically torment a child and keep that child in a constant state of physical and emotional deprivation? The same kind of beast who would bully, cajole, and coach his six-year-old son Hunter to appear on video saying that James had committed the rape of baby sister Neily Shea.

This is exactly what has happened.

James’ trial was to have commenced last month. But the prosecution found itself empty-handed of any evidence whatsoever that James had committed this abhorrent and unlikely crime, so they asked for a delay to come up with something to buttress their case. The judge, former assistant prosecutor Bobby Carter, granted the prosecution its delay.

The prosecution’s solution to its evidence problem was to produce a video recording of James’ six-year-old brother Hunter saying that James had done it. I can only imagine the prosecution received Jefferson Sanders’ full cooperation. (Even though Monica and he are now separated or divorced, Sanders still exerts a good deal of influence over his children by Monica, Hunter and Neily Shae.)

The prosecution intends to introduce this recording in court as evidence, but not call Hunter to testify, as Hunter’s cross examination would expose the recording as the manipulated fabrication that it is.

We know that Hunter would likely testify differently if James were in the same room. The two brothers  share a love that Sanders cannot suppress.


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15 Responses to “father knows be(a)st”

  1. 1 James T. Snead.
    June 10, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Can someone explain to me how creatures this low and foul are allowed to walk the streets let alone the earth with other civilized human beings? It is a miracle that he hasn’t tried to kill James. Every day I pray for James and he will come out of this safely and I also pray that all the wrong put on him will be turned back on to all those who did him wrong. Thank you for posting these and keeping us informed. I follow a lot of these cases but come to dead ends for information.

    • 2 Ruth
      July 11, 2012 at 10:25 am

      In so many of these types of cases, the parents should be held accountable. Abusive parents and the curelty that these kids suffer from because of these psychotic parents should be taken into account. So many kids are abused by their own parents or step-parents which lead to abusive behavior or an inability at a young age to understand right and wrong, good and bad. James is sadly the product of psychotic parents, and unhealthy environment and although from what I have read I don’t believe he is guilty of any crime, the lifestyle that he was brought up in was a recipe for disaster somewhere along the way. The true sexual offenders should be on trial here and the entire story is such a mess. I am so sad for all of this. Good luck to James.

  2. 3 Gloria
    June 11, 2012 at 1:49 am

    My same thought James…. All prosecution need is a false confession who has been taken from an abused child (only 6 year old) to destroy the life of an innocent kid. How disturbing is that the prosecution teams with an abuser to put an innocent person in Jail. what does that say from the judicial system?

    How can this even be legal. I thought a defendant had a right to confront his accuser, right? This is certainly a mockery of justce. And child abuse, those who manipulate and coerce a child to fabricate evidence should be prosecuted for child abuse. the prosecution should be disbarred in my opinion for such an unethical and abuse of power demostration. This is really Despicable.

    Hope this time the mother have some decency left and defends his son on the stand, she ows his children that much.

    Shame on the prosecution for siding with a child abuser instead of doing the right thing.

  3. 4 Frank Manning
    June 11, 2012 at 2:48 am

    As I read the blog I felt my blood pressure rise in increments. By the end my Italian temper had erupted in a string of loud obscenities. At the reform school I ‘ve gotten to know too many kids with the same story as James. I’ve asked the counselors there the same question that James Snead posed above. How can a man like Jefferson Sanders be the horrible creature he is.They can’t explain it, and neither can I. How can anyone become that evil and mean spirited? Perhaps they’re just born that way.

    The prosecution’s case is a legal obscenity. Not even Andrei Vyshinsky, the prosecutor at Stalin’s notorious show trials of the 1930s, could have come up with a scheme like this. Soon James’s fate will be in the hands of 12 jurors. Let’s all hope and pray that those 12 people have more integrity and conscience and a greater respect for the law and a basic sense of fairness than the prosectour and judge have shown so far.

  4. June 11, 2012 at 10:50 am

    This is making blood broil to hear this sanders beating a child, that sanders is a low life0, give me 5 minutes with a switch and a belt with a buckle on sanders back, shoilders and legs. And see how he feels for what james went thru. cant tell me that was discipline at all. thats abusive to beat a child. well then he has caused james to get the blame doing what happened to a toddlor. James is innocent and that sanders knows it too. I hope pray that james is safe now and always was around other kids there and when he gets out next week in the name of jesus law james will be set free away from jail and he will go somewhere sfe to have a life of own, but sure hes gonna need some help starting off. James is a good kid. JAMES BUDDY I AM HERE FOR YOU SUPPORTIVE, IN PRAYERS AND BELIEVE YOUR INNOCENT. SORRY CANT COME UP THERE. BUT BEEN GREAT SPEAKING TO YOU OVER PHONE. GOD BLESS YOU JAMES. AND as far as the prosecution goes thats total insane whet they did and lied on and shows how corrupted they is, to blame a child and don’t care for what happened to james as a child and up to now. THAT PROSECUTOR IS JUST MUCH AS A LOSER AS SANDERS IS ABUSING A CHILD. ALSO PROSECUTOR IS LETTING THIS MAN GET AWAY WITH ALL SORTS ABUSES. AND BIBLKE CLEARLY SPEAKS ON THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS TO PEOPLE AND THATS WHAT THE SANDERS, PROSCUTOR, COPS AND WHOEVER ELSE MAYVBE JUDGE IS DOING. JUDGEMENT IS COMING BACK TO THEM. I AM IRON JUSTICE PERSON FOR JUSTICE FOR JUVENILES AND SOME ADULTS TO SEE JUSTICE GETS DONE.

  5. 6 Steve Schofield
    June 11, 2012 at 11:02 am

    James’ attorney needs to object to the introduction of that video. It is against the rules of evidence to introduce a video (or any physical evidence for that matter) without producing the corroborating witness unless the witness is unavailable.

  6. June 11, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    I just wrote a letter to James telling him that I am praying for his freedom. I have asked the Lord many times to free James from the prison that he doesn’t deserve. If I could I would fly down to see him . I have medical problems and not much money and vacation time left. To bad it usually comes down to that ! Steve I hope you can be in the court room for James !

  7. 8 Jeanne
    June 11, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    I hate to think of how children are abused. This is so very disturbing but what is more disturbing is that the prosecution would waste taxpayers money, a busy court system’s time, and come up with a video which by now is nothing more than hearsay. A six year old child can say anything prompted by an adult with a video camera. This is the most unethical, unbelievable extreme, that a prosecutor can come up with. If the evidence is not there, it is not there. This is completely ridiculous and that monster, that horrible abusive monster, that beast of a step father should not have any children, and should be in jail.

    We should be better than this.

  8. 9 Patrick Murphy
    June 12, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Hope James has a competent lawyer. Lies fall apart when witnesses are cross examined.

  9. June 12, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Hope that it all goes well for James next Monday – you know that we all over here on the other side of the earth are rooting for him (in the American sense of course). As you also know, we (The Gang) are here for him whatever happens. Didn’t know about what you have said in this blog. No wonder that the poor little sod (and I don’t mean that condescendingly or patronisingly) thought that he was alone in the world. If you are talking to him before Monday Dan, pass on our best wishes & that we will be there with him in spirit. £ance.

  10. 11 Stormy
    June 18, 2012 at 9:55 am

    I know these two people and they are by far the worst and horrible parents on earth.. Monica had her new baby and guess what She has given it up for adoption which was probably the best thing in the world for that baby girl. But the real father not jeff sanders had no choice in the matter. Jeff Sanders stood there as the father of that baby without a dna test with monica and gave that baby up for adoption . They do not need any children at all.. The two younger children live with jeff’s sister and she does a excellent job raising them babies. As far as i am concerned MONICA AND JEFF are not good parents and does not need any children.

    Thats all i gotta say about that !! I hope and pray James court date goes well tomorrow

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