time to rise up

I was talking today with a reporter with one of the three newspapers that have been interfering with Jordan Brown’s Constitutional right to a speedy trial, and I want to repeat here what I told this reporter.

Today is the third anniversary of the crime and Jordan’s wrongful detention, and justice for Jordan is just as distant and beyond his (and our) reach as it was three long years ago… except that the idea of justice is today more tortured and abused, and we are more cynical and resigned to business-as-usual.

I think it is high time for all of us who have been following and involved in Jordan’s case to do some soul-searching and take action. This wrongful imprisonment of a child, the theft of his childhood, is the responsibility of more than just a few dishonest cops and prosecutors and politicians and second-rate lawyers. In varying degrees we have all allowed it to happen. Why have we not risen up en masse and demanded that the evidence, most of which exonerates Jordan, be examined? Why have we not demanded that this outrage against reason and honest justice immediately cease? We are all culpable.

The lawsuit being pursued by the three newspapers is threatening the freedoms of all Americans, not just the rights of a single child. The lawsuit might be good for the newspaper business, but it does not serve a higher good as long as the Constitutional rights of this child are being violated. These papers have no right to invoke First Amendment protections while they contribute to a denial of Jordan’s Sixth Amendment rights. If any of us start cherry-picking the Bill of Rights, if any of us start claiming that our Constitutional rights should preempt the Constitutional rights of others, then the whole ideal of freedom in America is doomed.

Who knows? Maybe the whole situation is already too far gone. A lot of people today are saying the Constitution is already null and void. But maybe we can still save it and get our freedoms back.

We are organizing a letter-writing campaign to the US Attorney General, the President, and to Pennsylvania Congressional members to ask for intervention in this case. The state of Pennsylvania has a statute called “Rule 600” that says a person should be tried for a crime within one year of being charged. The statutes regarding juveniles are even more strict: they maintain that a child must be tried within ten days of being charged. Jordan has already waited three years for a trial, and there is no certain end in sight.

Jordan is not doing well these days. He is fighting off depression and losing weight. He is losing ground with every day of prolonged imprisonment. Time is working against him. And remember: Jordan is innocent!

The real killer remains free in Lawrence County PA. He is a violent man, an alcoholic, and a threat to public safety.

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/events/212824898815204/ to learn how you can participate in this campaign to end this abuse of an innocent child and this threat to the freedoms of all.

Please act now. There is no more time to spare.


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8 Responses to “time to rise up”

  1. February 21, 2012 at 10:08 am

    thats very wrong and i demand whoever is intefering with jordons speedy trial and leave the kiddo alone. he did nothing wrong, he did not do any crime. hes a child man those idiots need to pick on someone own size and rel murder person. why don’t they stop lying their ass off.

  2. 3 Jeffrey
    February 21, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Things have changed a great deal over my life involving newspapers. In my 20s I worked for a large metro paper and a story like Jordan`s would have been war cry for us to get involved on HIS behalf to get HIM justice and bring the real killer to light. Unfortunately in the 30 plus years since my time there the large metro papers in this country have all come to be owned by a few large companies like Cox, Hearst, Gannet etc. They no longer put a emphasis on seeking the truth, but turning a profit for their wealthy owners. If the media had done their job from the beginning of this case Jordan would have been home with his family. If you can`t get the media to step up when the police and courts are not doing their job, we are all indeed in trouble.

  3. 4 Frank Manning
    February 21, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Either I’m missing something here or there is something very wrong in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If I understand correctly, the news media were covering Jordan’s case as an adult and would have covered his [adult] trial, but since he is now being adjudicated as a juvenile they can no longer cover the trial, so they are appealing for permission to cover the juvenile proceedings, which are commonly closed to the public throughout these United States. I assume some judge or court has decreed that Jordan must remain in custody while the news media appeals are being heard. Why not release him on bail, or conditionally, or whatever, while the media lawyers spout their hot air to a bench of soulless judiciocrats. There is no reason to violate either Jordan’s Sixth Amendment rights or our precious First Amendment rights, which should never be given up lightly. Is Jordan such a danger to the community or such a flght risk that he must be kept locked up even though the evidence now so clearly demonstrates his innocence? I know lots of accused juveniles who’ve been released to their parents, or to a foster home, or some other safe responsible people who will produce them at his trial. Some have even been accused of killing or trying to kill someone. To keep Jordan locked up while third parties argue over what they can write about him is unfair, unethical, and un-American. Free him now, while we as a society can still try to heal the damage these unscupulous low lifes, scumsuckers, and douchebags have inflicted on this poor child!

  4. February 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    courts full of barney fifes these days at times, actually should not slam fife cause he had brains and cops and prosecutors has non 0 for what there doing treating jordon and the whole justice thing. TIME TO NIP THOSE COPS AND PROSECUTORS IN THE BUDD.

  5. March 6, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    I like this web site very much so much superb info . “The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it.” by Lord Macaulay.

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