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I haven’t written about Alex King or James Prindle for a while, so I want to fill you in on the latest news about them and Blade Reed, too.

Alex King

Tomorrow is Alex’s arraignment on special prosecutor Brandon Young’s bogus felony charge for the traffic accident. As you will recall from past Diary posts, Young decided to upgrade Alex’s misdemeanor charge for “leaving the scene of an accident” to the more serious charge of “hit and run,” a felony, because Alex insisted on taking the misdemeanor charge to trial (as was his right, as well as a necessity).

Why should Alex have contested the misdemeanor charge? Because a conviction for even a misdemeanor could have been used by the State of Florida to justify the Violation of Probation filed by the Florida Department of Corrections—which is itself also bogus. (This is a bureaucratic vendetta, not justice.)

I just got off the phone with Alex, and his spirits are good. He is helping one of his fellow inmates at the Escambia County Jail to prepare for the GED, and Alex has begun attending weekly Bible study classes offered at the jail by one of the local churches. He has also been making plans for the worst-case and wants to learn barbering (which he says would be a desirable prison work assignment if he ends up serving more time).

Alex has asked me to ask you for the following paperback books: a King James version study Bible (his standard Bible is not up to the task) and an illustrated book on basic barbering. He also wants to re-read all the Harry Potter books, but reminds me that they should not all be sent at once because the number of books he is allowed is limited by the jail.

Please let me know before ordering any of these books so we can avoid duplications. Alex’s address is: Alex King c/o Escambia County Jail; Blue 2 Green 5B; PO Box 17800; Pensacola, FL 32522.

Also, I have just sent another payment to Amber for her brain tumor medications, and Alex’s funds are now down to about $100. If you would care to help us replenish his fund, you may do so by please making a donation through www.kingbrostrust.org.

James Prindle

At his last court appearance (a status hearing) on August 10th, for a second time 16-year-old James Prindle asked Judge Bobby Carter for a new lawyer, and his request was denied. “I don’t want to hear this again,” Carter said. But James is adamant that his lawyer is not on his side. He intends to ask the judge again for a new lawyer at his next appearance on August 29th. If James’ request is denied again, he says he will defend himself pro se (alone, without a lawyer). “I don’t want to have to do that,” James says. “I’m scared, but if I have to (defend myself), I will.”

In the meantime, James’ mother Monica Sanders has apparently been flirting with the idea of reconciling with her son. She contacted me through the blog and said, “I have always had my doubts (about James’ guilt).” Uh-huh. Somehow James learned that his mother had intended to visit him on a Friday, but she never showed. She didn’t make it there the following Monday, either. I let her know that James was expecting her to visit, but that seems not to have made a difference.

Says James: “To be charged with rape and abusing my little sister is worse than death to me. I always hated people who could to that. To be accused of it, it’s like being a murderer. To have my mom believe it, it’s ten times worse. I would never hurt my little sister, ever.
“I miss my mom. She was there for me every time before. She ran interference for me, so I wouldn’t get beaten with a belt or cords. It hurts that she’s not here now. I love her, but she dropped me—and she said she hates me. I cannot tell you how that feels inside.”

Blade Reed

There was a tremendous amount of reader interest in my recent posts about Blade, but we are still only a third of the way towards our goal of $1,700 for the costs of preparing a writ of habeas corpus.

To give you an idea of how important this is, a writ of habeas corpus (Latin for “you may have the body”) is a legal action through which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention. It safeguards an individual’s freedom against arbitrary state action. The US Constitution specifically includes the habeas procedure in the Suspension Clause, located in Article One, Section 9, and requires a court to inquire into the legitimacy of a prisoner’s custody.

We will be raising at least four issues leading to Blade’s abusive custody at the Wabash Valley adult prison: Blade’s mental age at the time of the murder, statements made by the judge at Blade’s waiver hearing, misrepresentations by Blade’s court-appointed attorney concerning important procedural matters, and new evidence documenting Blade’s autism and PTSD.

Blade is indigent and has only us to rely on. Please help if you can by sending a gift in any amount through PayPal to info-at-wandervogel-dot-com.

Thank you!


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11 Responses to “latest updates”

  1. August 18, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    i wrote to Alex, he has written back and am i reading it right hes doing 10 years or is it just 5 years. i wish he was out, this is over traffic running scene. I mean he meant no harm.. It was mistake running from ascene. Is it a crime sin to freak out. Thats what i feel he did. I say ease up on the guy. He was just trying to get on right track. Someone court or whoever has to mess it all up for someone like Alex wanting to get fresh life. Thats just wrong of Him.The judge, prosecutor seems like going back to the past of y he got 7 years or something like that. Florida is corrrupted in eyes of God when it comes to the real truye justice. READ YOUR BIBLE MORE COURT. We all need to read bible and draw close to God. God wants us to help us not let satan remind us of past failurs and bad stuffs happened and move on in life. Why is court, jury whoever is reminding him well he got out few years ago. Set him free. I know I would move far far far away from florida cause of the messed up situations. But have to respect Alex why he is staying in florida. Just back off him. But its cool Alex is helping another guy get ged and be an encouragment and doing bible studies and pray he draws close to God. Whats next Florida laws, if someone sneezes out loud or bumps into a officer or someone big name are you gonna areest them to. or maybe run a red light. Florida has issues when it comes to JUSTICE SYSTEM. Check the word of God out. I will pray daily for Alex. Hanh in there buddy. Your more strong than i ever am. I be crying whole times be a more mess. Ia ma emotional person. Cry like a baby when it comes to see lives being wrecked and not restored.Thanks Alex for being a friend and Bro in Christ. KEEP ON BELIEVING BRO.

  2. 2 Kelly
    August 18, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    What is the max Alex could get if found guilty? This is so unfair. He does NOT deserve to be treated this way. I will hope for the best tomorrow.

    • August 18, 2011 at 10:16 pm

      The max is whatever they choose to do to him. Tomorrow is just his arraignment, but by the end of the day we should have a clear picture of what they’re going to try and throw at him.

  3. August 19, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    I hope this is the day for Alex to get back to having a happy life by them saying relese him. He deserves the best. A wreck and running away should not hold that against him and thats no reason to put him in prison so more years. Isn’t 7 good enouth of hurting this young man. Seems like Florida has nothing better to do than judge and destroy to make a buck. How sad. Amber Alex tells me your the love of his life. How awesome you are there for him. Hes a good guy for you. Your a good lady for him. Anyways wished i was there in person to support him in court, but i will be with him in spirit and prayers. God’s got his back.

  4. August 19, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Blade needs special treatment and get the heck outta of that place Now. No good place for him. Some say its a place for punishment. Well news for them its not, thats abuse what there doing to Blade. Those guards know it. Is there a way to send him to a boys town and get a family, parents, friends, Anyways where can i send cards, money, letters to the little guy. I say Blade is a good kid. Everyone pray for Blade.

  5. August 19, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    The prosecutor, hope hes not a snake like rimmer is, we all know how corrupted they can be for juveniles and young man like Alex, he was only 12 years ago. When He and his bro got out to start off fresh a life they never had, I thoght the song Jesus take whe wheel. Jesus was starring them rigt direction to help get healed thru the hell they went thru second chances and everything. People go thru hard times. But we have to move on getting happy and do something positive. Well Alex was doing that. Now court Florida has to sneak in and mess it up. Big deal it wa just a traffic thing No reason to give him 5 years or so and go bring up what happened in 2001. Hello leave him alone drop charges and that was past. He was innosent to begin with first place, How blind can we be? FREE ALEX KING! LET HIM HAVE A LIFE. Im gonna write to Alex in a few days. Wnna know what cour has to say. I know the truth of Alex, hes innosent. Truth is Florida and other states in usa has corrupted the word JUSTICE. Go figure.

  6. 7 C. Cruz
    December 4, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    Is he still incarserated? If so, what’s his current address, I’d like to send him a christmas card

    • December 5, 2013 at 5:12 am

      He is incarcerated until the 29th of this month, and then thereafter he will be totally free for the first time since he was 12. In the meantime, his address still is:

      King, Alex (P20435)
      Holmes Correctional Institution
      3142 Thomas Drive
      Bonifay, FL 32425-0190

  7. 9 C. Cruz
    December 4, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Is he still incarcerated? If so, what’s his current address, I’d like to send him a christmas card

    • December 5, 2013 at 5:10 am

      He is incarcerated until the 29th of this month, and then thereafter he will be totally free for the first time since he was 12. In the meantime, his address still is:

      King, Alex (P20435)
      Holmes Correctional Institution
      3142 Thomas Drive
      Bonifay, FL 32425-0190

      • 11 C. Cruz
        December 5, 2013 at 11:19 pm

        Thanks! I was able to get it mailed off today. Hopefully it’ll arrive in time and possibly even get a reply!

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