adult consequences

I am always astonished by the immense cruelty of prosecutors who place vulnerable young people at mortal risk by direct-filing kids into the adult system. The other day I quoted Brown County Indiana prosecutor Jim Oliver who said that justice was served in prosecuting then-13-year-old Blade Reed, a sixth-grader, as an adult and placing Blade in an adult prison.

“He committed an adult crime and he has received adult consequences,” Oliver said after the trial and sentencing.

Let’s look at those “adult consequences” and ask if they are justified in the case of any sixth-grader, but specifically this sixth-grader who, because of a lifetime of abuse, actually had the mental capacity of an eight- to ten-year-old at the time of the crime.

Blade was sent to Wabash Valley Correctional Institution, and arrived there on Christmas Eve in 2009. These are some of the “adult consequences” this vulnerable boy has suffered since then:

January 6, 2010 – A much older inmate attempts to rape Blade. Blade fought back and there was a heated verbal altercation.  Blade was written up and received 2 weeks in solitary confinement as well as the loss of 15 days of his 2-for-1 good time.

March 4, 2010 – Blade had a temperature of 100, and refused to attend class that day. He was written up for his refusal and lost phone and recreation privileges for 1 week.
March 29, 2010 – A much older inmate raped Blade in the shower. Blade was punished with 15 days in solitary confinement, 15 days loss of 2-for-1 good time, and loss of phone privileges for 1 month.
April 16, 2010 – Blade attempted suicide by slitting his wrists. He was punished with the loss of 2 more weeks of phone privileges, and loss of recreation privileges for 2 weeks.
April 22, 2010 – Upset that his room was disrupted by guards during a search, Blade refused to clean up the mess. He was written up for refusing to obey an order, but received no other punishment.
April 30, 2010 –Blade retrieved a basketball during recreation without asking the guard first. He was written up for being in an unauthorized area, and lost recreation and commissary privileges for 2 weeks.
May 24, 2010 – Following horse-playing with his roommate (the first roommate he had since his arrival at Wabash), Blade was written up for disruptive, unruly, and rowdy conduct. He lost recreation and phone privileges for 2 weeks.
May 27, 2010 – Blade tattoos himself and cuts his arm. He was written up for disfigurement and lost recreation, phone, and commissary privileges for 2 more weeks.

June 7, 2010 – Blade was raped again by another inmate in the shower, and cut with a razor. Blade managed to get the razor away from his assailant after being cut, and cut the other inmate. Blade was punished with 1 year solitary confinement.
July 22, 2010 – Blade shut down while coming back from the showers, and dropped to the floor in a fetal position. The guards said Blade kicked one of them (causing a bruised rib) while they were cuffing and shackling him. Blade was written up and received 1 additional month of solitary confinement.
August 2, 2010 – Blade attempts suicide a second time by slitting his wrists. He is punished with 2 more weeks of solitary confinement.

August 5, 2010 – Blade attempts suicide a third time by slitting his wrists. He is punished with 2 more weeks of solitary confinement. He was also written up for covering the camera monitor in his solitary cell, and was punished with 3 more weeks of  solitary confinement.
August 12, 2010 – Blade attempts suicide a fourth time by cutting his arm. He is punished with 1 month additional solitary confinement. Blade was also written up for resisting while being restrained by staff, and was punished with 1 more month of solitary confinement.
August 14, 2010 – Blade was severely beaten in the solitary shower area by another inmate. After he was injured, Blade once again managed to get the weapon away from and cut the attacker in self-defense. Blade was punished with 6 months additional time in solitary confinement. 
August 26, 2010 – Blade was assaulted and injured again in the solitary shower area by another inmate. Blade managed to defend himself and get the weapon away from his assailant. Blade was punished with 6 months additional time in solitary confinement and loss of all 2-for-1 good time.
September 5 and 6, 2010 – Blade was written up again for covering camera monitor in his solitary confinement cell.
September 10, 2010 – Blade was injured during a takedown by staff. He resisted, received a write-up, and of course was punished with 1 more month of solitary confinement.
September 12, 2010 – While recuperating in the medical unit from his staff-inflicted injuries, Blade was injured by another inmate. Blade tried to get the weapon away from the other inmate, and was injured again by staff trying to subdue him and “de-escalate” the situation. Because Blade resisted, he was written up and punished with 6 months of additional solitary confinement time, and placed on “habitual violator” status. Because a desk was broken during the “de-escalation,” Blade was also written up for destruction of state property.

Let’s summarize these “adult consequences” to which Jim Oliver so glibly alluded for the benefit of the media and Brown County voters.

Over only an 8-month 12-day period of time in an adult prison, Blade Reed was raped two times and almost three, attacked by other inmates three times with weapons (shanks or razors), seriously injured by staff once, attempted suicide four times, lost all gain-time, lost recreation, phone and commissary privileges, and had numerous psychological episodes for which he received inadequate therapy and an excess of severe punishment (which only exacerbated his mental health issues).

He had been condemned to 2 years, 8 months, and 18 days of solitary confinement, which has been shown to be “cruel and unusual” punishment, especially for mentally-ill inmates whose conditions only deteriorate under such conditions. Until Blade’s advocate Stephen hired attorneys to remedy this abusive and damaging treatment, Blade had been scheduled to remain in solitary confinement until at least August of 2012.

It is important to realize that these events occurred only two-thirds of the way into the first year of a thirty-year sentence, and that Blade’s autism and untreated ADHD and PTSD do not offer much hope that he will ever be able to successfully navigate life in an adult prison. If we were to extrapolate his experiences onto a thirty-year time period, this would mean this vulnerable young man could be raped 88 times, attacked with weapons 88 times, injured by staff 29 times, and might attempt suicide 117 times—if he even survives long enough for this litany of horrors to play out.

Is this what Mr. Oliver has in mind when he speaks about “adult consequences”? What kind of adult would inflict such a future on a sixth-grader with the mental capacity of an eight-year-old? An adult, most assuredly, who is himself morally retarded.

“Our attorneys did manage to get Blade out of solitary, placed in the youthful offenders wing, and into a 2-man cell with someone Blade likes and who likes him,” Stephen said. Things have improved markedly for Blade since then. However, he is still in physical danger.

“My questions are and always have been: Why would you allow an inmate who had depression issues—and who had attempted suicide before—why would you allow him to continue to buy razors through the commissary? Also, with the repeated attacks on Blade, why were guards and staff never present? Did they want the attacks to happen?” Steven asked.

“Being placed in solitary confinement, there should have been guards in the shower area, as that is a maximum security section of the prison. We have always thought the repeated attacks on Blade were an inside job, but we can’t prove it,” he said.

The true conditions of prison life are not unknown to judges and prosecutors. Jim Oliver has to have known the hell he was sending Blade Reed into. His hands are not clean.

He was warned in court—on the record—when Dr. Tonya Foreman, the psychiatrist hired by the court to evaluate Reed’s mental and emotional state, took the stand, and warned: ““If he goes and develops in an adult model center, he will be influenced by the other inmates.”

Blade’s defense attorney James Roberts reiterated the warning in even stronger terms. Roberts argued that state penal codes are founded on reformation and not on vindictiveness. He said Blade Reed was a child who fell through the cracks in social service programs, and that the biggest risk for the community would be to put Blade in an adult prison with no education and criminals as his role models.  “I can’t think of a better formula to release a monster on society,” Roberts said.

Oliver scoffed it all off claiming, “This psychiatric examination is biased. This started with the idea that no 13-year-old should go to prison and went from there.” And then as a last word, Mr. Oliver made the standard argument one hears from prosecutors for retribution:  he questioned what he called the “prison” that the widow of the murder victim must be living in, asking the judge to consider her feelings.

Yes, she may be living in a kind of prison. Yet it is not a prison in which she must live in constant fear of rape and physical assaults or be forced to endure solitary confinement. I cannot imagine that, no matter how great her anguish, she would think it right that the boy who showed her mercy and refused to follow orders to murder her should suffer as much as Blade has suffered.

Seems to me we need to be thinking in terms of what kinds of “adult consequences” are appropriate for Mr. Oliver and other prosecutors of his kind.


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27 Responses to “adult consequences”

  1. 1 Gloria
    August 6, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    This show us the kind of criminals who are inside the law enforcement, the judge, prosecutor, guard who are supposed to be there to protect and bring jusctice are nothing but miserable cowards and criminals. With the difference that they must be above the law. It is already known that In 1997, the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility was criticized by two human rights groups, Human Rights Watch and the Northwest Indiana Coalition to Abolish Control Unit Prisons, because of the treatment of inmates in the maximum-security Secured Housing Unit (SHU). The two groups asserted that confining inmates in their individual cells for twenty-two or more hours a day was inhumane, especially for inmates with mental illnesses. That same year, Human Rights Watch published their report, Cold Storage, which brought national attention to Wabash Valley Correctional Facility’s treatment of inmates. http://www.google.es/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCwQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FWabash_Valley_Correctional_Facility&ei=1Xc9Tv6YOIn3sga354n6Dw&usg=AFQjCNGhFQnZ-deYVNvLgUEPBZgI4GJTDw

    And judge Reed from indiana send there Colt Lundy, I wonder how his life has been there. Is really disturbing that this judges and prosecutor send kids to that place when they know for sure what kind of life they are going to get in there. Judge Reed wanted to send a 12 year old child there, thanks God Paul never set a foot on that hell of a place, but what about Colt? It really worry me to read this and find this all has been allowed to happen without any consecuences for the ones who inflicted so much harm on a child. Well just so people see what kind of man Judge Reed is maybe they should have a look at this. http://www.google.es/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCAQFjAB&url=http://www.corruptusjudicialsystem.org/papa&ei=ELgnTfyRJMSb8QOj05X3Ag&usg=AFQjCNGYgGgoUp2uVLewcAi9jw-tkCvfjA

    Well what can I say, with such criminals and cowards in the juditial system kids are really in great peril. And now think about what kind of people they are going to send into sociaty after the rehabilitation program they got in adult prison. Do you think the comunity will be safe? “I can’t think of a better formula to release a monster on society,” Roberts said. How right he is.

  2. 2 matt
    August 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Shameful and disgusting!

  3. August 6, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    This is too sick to comment on, I have been told by more than one kid of the vile treatment they have received or are still receiving in our JUSTICE SYSTEM. Any sentence to prison time is a death sentence to a child because they are treated worse than any animal, in any situation, that would be allowed to be treated in our pathetic society. So I ask this question to the powers that be….. If John Hinckley could have the mind of a child in the act that he committed would a child of 10 have the mind of an adult in the same situation? If we are innocent until proven guilty, beyond a shadow of doubt in a court of law, how can a child be moved to an adult situation if no crime has been proven to have been committed by that child? If Charles Manson is given parole hearings, where is the justification for sending a child to prison without EVER having a parole hearing, which is a slow death sentence and cruel and unusual punishment ? Do we hate our kids that much? No Kid should be thrown away, but it happened yesterday, it’s happening today and it will continue to happen tomorrow because there are far too many people alive today who have the mentality of saying ” He’s not my kid, why should I care” but people remember that their parents and family could have very well said the exact same thing before it was their child……….NO KID IS SAFE FROM THESE BARBARIC LAWS!!!!!!………… Bill

  4. 4 Jeanne
    August 6, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    It is amazing that someone educated like Judge Reed would continue to be part of the problem. Will Mr. Reed receive a copy of crimes he committed by placing a child in an adult setting?

    As we age, we tend to reflect on our errors. Many people laying in their death beds say prayers to God for things they have done to others. The hardest part, I feel, is asking for forgiveness when you had all the attributes to do the right thing.

    While Blade, God willing, may someday reflect on his mistakes, he can surely find peace in his heart and soul knowing he was a child mislead. An educated person, such as Judge Reed, on the other hand, surely will not find such resolve for “HIS” crimes, so easily.

    I am sure the adult consequences will be sorrowful.

  5. 5 abram
    August 6, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    Seems to me prosecutors shouldn’t; be elected, be a pit bull, have inhuman feelings, be immoral, be untrained to be a better human being. America shouldn’t allow it. Cream and scum rise to the top. Scum should thrown out. Absolutely disgusting how America treats its young people worse than dogs or adults. It is inhuman. It thoroughly sickens me. They will rue the day.

  6. August 7, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    District courts have way too much latitude in sentencing. This is occurring in our prisons and it is horrible.

  7. 7 Stephen
    August 8, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    I was lucky to have been able to go see Blade on his Birthday. If it wasn’t for the fact that this visit was prearranged and approved, I wouldn’t have been able to go-as Wabash, Pendleton and Indiana State Prison are on lockdown and will be for awhile, due to an incident at Pendleton (ADULT) facility in mid July. I am saddened by the IDOC continuing this lockdown, as they are taking away the most meaningful things that inmates have, which are telephone calls to loved ones and visitations. Hopefully, the normal visitation schedule will go back into effect shortly, as this is hurting the kids and adults at Wabash, and those at the other two prisons where the lockdown is occuring. The IDOC considers visitations a priveledge, and not a right. Well, they should consider all families who are injured by this lockdown and start the visitations again, as they are destroying lives.

    • 8 plastichorn
      March 4, 2013 at 9:11 am

      Shame on you for enabling this person to continue to believe ** HE ** is the victim, instead of the frail, elderly old man he MURDERED and the frail, elderly old woman he TRIED to murder. Gimme break, Stephen.

  8. August 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    whats in the world is going on here. such a corrupted sick world we are in and very peverted correctional center that is allowing men older guys to rape and take advantage on a young boy. Blade had ever right to defend himself from being raped. Thatsick crrep that did sick crap to Blade should be shot. Then him to attempt suicide is cry for help and theres reasons why he wants to end his life. Very sad. He was not trrying to get attention. Blade needs help with counsling and needs help getting by. This really burns me. Those guards needs to get there heads out of the clouds, and loose their jobs. Kids was put on earth for good reasonns not to abuse them. Him loosing priviliges like from phone, letters, visits, recreatiin is uncalled for. Mna its a good thing i was not there when that creep did something to Brandon, i would of tore his heart out. I hope for the best for brandon to get help. One thing needs to happen is release him get some counsling and do skills program and be taking to a boys home or boys town nebraska omeha. This world is is corrupted. Reminds me of bin ladens scam abusing kids. Those who concict kids as adults an allows kids to be raped, hurt, and so on put you right in with binladen LOSERS! Brandon were fighting for you. Praying you to get serious help and be removed from that horrible place you in. You are special in God’s eyes. Your special to us thats helping trying to help.

  9. August 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm


  10. August 10, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    As I was privy to the information when Stephen received it, when he read me the documentation, we both wept. We couldn’t sleep for days. You must know that the information Dan writes about in this blog is actually much milder than the entire story as it unfolded. Every time Stephen and I thought it couldn’t get any worse…it did.

    We were desperate to learn Blade had been given a sentence of one full year in solitary confinement when we launched the on-line petition. Then when Stephen received the documentation and read the continued additions of solitary confinement sentences ontop of the year already serving, it got to be heartbreaking and dumbfounding.

    Dan does not describe the severe injuries Blade suffered on HOURLY basis.

    In the prison documentation, it records Blade entering the prison infirmary with severe injuries from one attack only to return hours later with significant new injuries from additional attacks. There is documentation of Blade getting stitches in his head only to return later to receive additional stitches in new areas of the head.

    Dan, Have Stephen give you the documentation and let your readers know about the broken ribs, broken wrist, numerous concussions, etc. etc. etc.

    Its inhumane.

    Its disgusting.

    Its our tax dollars paying these barbaric demons to do this to these kids. And I’m not just talking about the inmates!

  11. 13 steve morgan
    August 11, 2011 at 10:17 am

    hOW CRUEL THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS AND NOT TO METION CRUEL TO THE JUVENILES. Well u know what the court system, cops, prosecutors, judges, the jury, correctional officers is cruel and treats like the older adults 22 and up lots better more respect and dont abuse them. whn it comes to kids 0 to 21 they abuse them. physically, emotiionally, mentally, spiritually, health wise. Like Blade was very sick no treatment and was depressed and hurt and felt bad and wounded that he had enougth of this abuse as a kid 13 , 14, he wanted to end his life. Can’t blame the poor kid. Instead of helping him out, counsling and so on.They write him up, not able to have visits, calls and so on. No support at all all abusive. Then let some 2 grown people adults do stuff to him sick to mention. He wanted to defend self having that done to him and was beat and lock down. Those evil jerks dont care if blade lives or dies. To a kid even.Thats pretty low of them. May they rot in hell for that. Be judged to eternal. No room in heaven for people who love to hurt kids this way. Then our society is bad too hard feelings toward juveniles that is behind bars whether they did a crime or did not do crime, blamed for it. Blade is american boy, not a guy from bin ladens group. This is not human not american to let this go on. Blade needs our support now and get into a program to help him. You doing more harm to Blade. He who is with out sin cast the 1 stone. Thats what u doing to a boy that dont deserve this abuse. I wanna fight this. Fight for Justice for Blade. God is not pleased whats happening to Blade. I won’t let this stand him being abused anymore. Send him to Boys town in omeha nebraska. I have friend whos chaplin there. He will get love, treatment, fresh food, support, education, skills, friends, a family, counsling proper one, and sports, exercise, jobs, a life, spirtitual things like church if he chooses church. God bless Blade. May he be removed from pit of hell. We Love you Blade.

  12. August 13, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Thank you, Steve Morgan, for you comments. On behalf of Blade.

  13. August 13, 2011 at 11:04 am

    You are so welcome. I meant every word. I like to fight for the boy and need to get him released now. I wanna write him, encourage him. Do you have a address so I can. Where is his family at in all this. Those guards needs to be fired and whoever is causing him hell. Will judge send him to omeha boys town. He sure will get help and love there. No abuse at all.

  14. August 13, 2011 at 11:07 am

    welcome tonya, i wanna write to the poor guy. He dont belong at the place of hell. I am cryibng for Blade now.

  15. 17 pamela
    August 13, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    I’m horrified.

    No normal person would wish this on a 13 year old. It’s obvious who the real monster is here.

    I wish this child’s treatment was out in public for everyone to see. If normal people actually had to witness this, watch it, read about it in the paper or hear it on the news, maybe it would end. Maybe it would shame this sadistic, uncivilized and inhumane prosecutor and others like him to see themselves for what they are, sick. Instead the news channels spoon feed the public a daily diet of Bachmann, Palin, Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Perry and their latest dimwitted utterances, pointless proclamations, political whoring about, and pass it off as relevant news. Children being raped, tortured, beaten and broken is not news, it’s business as usual. If this child’s treatment were on the news or in the newspapers, or in the churches, I believe most people would be horrified. Oliver says the child deserves adult consequences, is this treatment fit for an adult ? Dogs are treated better than this in our society. This treatment is not fit for an adult, and most certainly definitely not fit for a child.

    Our Lady of the Angels Catholic grade school here in Chicago burned down in the 1950’s. Hundreds of children died unable to get out of the burning school, some jumping to their death, most dying at the windows waiting for help. It was determined the fire was started by one of the children. He started the fire in a garbage bin in the basement of the school. It was an old building, fired codes were lenient and the draft pulled the fire swiftly up the stairwell quickly engulfing the building. Many of the nuns ordered the kids to say in their classrooms and pray instead of try to escape the building.

    The interesting part is the child who started the fire was never charged or even exposed publicly. He was quietly sent to a reform school in Wisconsin for a time. I believe he might have started another fire there, but went on to live a crime free life as an adult. At the end of the documentary it was pointed out that the adults decided that they didn’t want to ruin the child’s life. He was a child and enough children were dead. Some of the victim’s families were upset, but cooler heads prevailed. I got tears in my eyes at the kindness they showed the troubled child who had caused the death of so many children, and a few who survived but were horribly traumatized. But it was humane and they chose humanity.

    We’ve gone backwards since the 1950’s, allowing the Oliver’s of the world to drag us through the mud into a world of inhumanity and vengeance. Why? A grown adult with no sense of what is proper, moral, or ethical has the power to subject a child to this treatment and snidely gloat about it in the newspapers. One horribly cruel man with the unlimited power to exact unending vengeance and unimaginable punishment on a child. Why, because he can.

    What has happened to America? It’s stunning. Dan, I think you should make sure this diary is published so everyone has a chance to read it. This is what happens to our kids who are left under the control of a mean, sadistic, immoral, unethical and “crazy” prosecutor. And why should an adult get this punishment either? Is this Rome and the Gladiators? What is wrong with this guy? Vengeance against a child? He needs serious help. Monster.

  16. 18 Jasmine G
    August 15, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    America is one of the last places on the world whose idea of a juctice system is to systemitcally make crimnals worse then when they entered the system. Top that off with the fact that you have the new theory of the ware house effect where once an indivdual enters the system they never leave. What happend to this child is in fact horrific, bear in mind that this happens all the time. Children are charged as adults the court system fails to take into account mental illness and mental capability.

    At the time the crime took place if a psychatrist recomends that they are not comptent the tax payers will pay to have that person treated until they are comptent and most likely judge them the say way as a fully comptent intelligent indivdual. Mental illness is not understood by society and is still a socitial taboo, and is not respected by American society as a true disease and something that the indivdual can not control. The only shining light on this situation is that in a way he is a juvenile if he was not he could have recived the death penalty. Not to mention one of the most horific rulings of the supreme court that the United States could in fact execute retarded indivduals. Which is in fact the murder of a child because indivduals who have that kind of a disability have the mind of a child that they might look like an adult and be the chronological age of maturity BUT THEY ARE NOT AN ADULT!

    From me I do offer my sincere sympthaites to this indivdual from someone who has aspbegers which is a mild form of autism on the autism spectrum. I can relate with not being taken seriousely or looked down upon and judged as stupid or retarded just on my diagonsis alone. You should tell him never let someone tell you your stupid and if they do work your butt off to prove them wrong. I know for a fact that prisoners can recieve GED’s in prison. There is also one college I believe in Ohio that does correspondce classes. I know that thirty years is a very hard time and unjust for a 13 year old child, also with haveing aspbgers myself I could never envision doing time like that the over stimulation alone. However since the system won’t do him any favors he should do himself favors, since realsticly he has less then a 1% chance of getting a retrial or exoneration from the governor. Someone you should try to get in contact with as a role model or send this child his writeings is Mario Rocha spent years in a prison and was sentenced as a juvenile for a crime he was inocent of. You should watch his documentary Mario’s story.

    It seems that these people are the ones with the mental disorder the prosecuters, politcans, but most of all the citizens of this fine country who allow this abuse to happen, and then justify it saying that we need to be tough on crime. The fact of the matter is the majority of Americans claim the christan faith and politcans use that to win elections. However whenver the teachings should come into play mercy, second chances, loveing your enemy, Americans as a whole fall short. They seem to enjoy and celebrate people getting executed and getting there lives taken away. Not realizing that this abuse and not adapting and looking at new ways to rehabilite and implant juctice just leads to more brutal crimes on the streets when the inmates come out. The corrections job is to make inmates better for society now they seem to just make them worse. Prisoners in gangs aspire to go to prison because that is their college on how to be a crimnal.

    Everyone on here who has commented should do something beside comment just commenting does not change society and not doing something is accepting what is happening. So contact the governor he is the only one with the power to commute this guy’s sentence. Also let your voices be heard in the voting booth call your representives and politcans and ask thier position on crime and the system. 96% of house members are voted back in and 98% of senators are voted back in and they are the ones who make these tough on crime laws and have the power to change the juctice system. If you wan’t something to change do something be educated on the candiates and their view’s otherwise your are just a sheep be led to the slaughter. My prayers go to this child.

  17. 19 conye
    November 1, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    This has to be one of the most saddest stories I’ve heard, I have 3 grown sons, and my kids have all managed to lead fulfilling lives. I also realize how lucky we all are. All it takes is to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing,with the wrong person. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be punished but to send him to an adult prison is absurd. And then, all the things that have happened to him since then, it just tears my heart out. I will definitely have him in my prayers . I KNOW that works so I just have to trust in HIm. I just truly hope things turn around for this young man. I will definitely be in touch with the governor.

  18. 21 plastichorn
    March 4, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Boo-hoo for this poor innocent little chap. Oh, wait – this is the one who majorly participated in a HEINOUS MURDER AND ATTEMPTED MURDER of two very old, very frail, very sick people who had never, ever, EVER done anything except befriend this kid all his life as he lived just down the road from them. Pardon me if my heart does not bleed over his repeated offenses even while locked up.

    • 22 James
      February 6, 2014 at 2:27 am

      You must be a shriveled old man. If you had any trace of a soul what so ever and or any sentience what so ever, you’d understand that this blog is trying to show how horrifically this person is being ravaged and his reaction to his suffering. You are a typical person who simply ignores what consequences other peoples actions cause for young people. If you want to hate Blade Reed fine. I’m not going to try to prevent you from having an opinion. But if you can’t conciter those old people already lived a full life and Blade Reed has never had a chance to have a life then keep your opinions to your self.

      • 23 Michael
        June 5, 2014 at 4:01 pm

        These were my grandparents and you wouldn’t be feeling the same if it had happened to yours

      • June 5, 2014 at 5:49 pm

        Dear Michael,

        I can appreciate the emotions that the memory of this crime must bring up. If this had happened to my own grandparents… you are right… I would be feeling a lot different.

        The only problem is that the punishment meted out to Blade Reed by the court is not effective. It might be appropriate if Reed were a typical offender, but not for an individual who is autistic and has no chance of ever conforming to the rigors of prison life.He will always be on successive death-watches and will get into escalating troubles with the prison system.

        It may seem unfair that your family has been saddled with the burden of this terrible crime, but life is full of unexpected turns and is always presenting us with seemingly impossible challenges for making the world (imperfect as it is) into a better place.

        It would be great if your family were to turn away from the natural desire for vengeance and seek a way to treat Blade Reed in more of a rehabilitative manner. It would be a creative and generous act, and would lead us to a better way.

  19. 25 James
    February 6, 2014 at 2:18 am

    First of all I couldn’t believe the comment about “our children bring in great mortal peril.” I am relieved I’m not the only one to expierence this observation myself. Second I’m sure Blade Reed was not punished alone. I think this blogger simply didn’t mention what punishment the other inmate received. There is no statement as to weather or not the other inmates were punished. Third, I don’t think government officials are intentionally abusing our children. I think officials have too much power and control. I think they have too much security and to much incentives and zero discipline. The do what they do because they know they will get away with it and no one will care.

    Having said that, I will mourn Blade Reed for the rest of my life. I will always remember him as a person who was born to suffer as a wake up call and a reminder of what it means to be human.

    James Raymond Charters

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