compassion fashion

Every good cause needs a t-shirt, right? And a lot of people have been telling me they’d like me to set up an easy way for them to contribute to our vision.

Okay, how’s this for a start?


Click on this link and visit the new T-shirt Store for Estrella Vista and help establish a youth encampment retreat in the West Texas mountains near Big Bend National Park. The t-shirts are $20 and we’ll see half of that.

For kids who come here to live, we’ll provide effective rehabilitation, “green” building training and experience, and a safe self-sufficient community living in harmony with God and nature. Estrella Vista will become a permanent home for abandoned youth that they can control, visit and use for the rest of their lives.

All profits from t-shirt sales will be used for developments on the property sufficient to create a community of up to 15 young people at a time. Our first priority is the construction of two bedrooms, a great room, and kitchen facilities in the main house. After that, the drilling of a well and the construction of shower and toilet facilities. After that… well, that is a ways away. One step at a time.

These all-cotton shirts will also help you find your way into the neighborhood if you ever wish to visit. An added benefit: if you stop for directions at the Grub Shack wearing one of these shirts, Jerry and Eva will know you’re probably not part of a Pennsylvania State Police hit squad and they’ll help you find me. Otherwise they’re likely to say, “Dan who?”

If you’re wearing one of these shirts when you arrive, I’ll maybe even have a Lone Star waiting for you.

One more thing: if anyone should ask you what “Estrella Vista” means, tell them “Starry View.” (We have the second-darkest nighttime skies in the lower 48 states; if anyone asks you what the first-darkest place is, you’ll have to make up something because I don’t know.) One day we’ll even have an astronomical observatory here.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Benny Goodman and Helen Forrest performing “Shake Down the Stars”


Please sign onto the Jordan Brown petition:


1 Response to “compassion fashion”

  1. 1 jeanne
    June 16, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    This is a great idea!!! I think for a great cause as well!

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