perversion of justice

Someone powerful in Memphis TN is trying to railroad 15-year-old James Prindle for a rape of a toddler he didn’t commit.

We don’t know yet who it is or why they’re doing it, but we have our teeth in this case and we will eventually learn what is going on. Our best guess right now is that the puppet-master is someone who is involved in child sex trafficking. And we know it must be someone powerful because the police and courts appear to be dancing to this person’s tune and are doing everything in their power to prevent the truth from becoming known.

We have an interested party on the ground right now and he says the whole thing stinks. He came to Memphis to learn what facts he can, and all his experience and connections are being frustrated so far. Yesterday a court clerk threatened to call security to remove him from her office, and he dared her to do it (she didn’t). But neither would she release any public records to us including the initial police incident report.

I have recommended that we get the FBI involved, and the postal inspectors too (it appears correspondence from the boy may have been intercepted by the jail authorities). Even if the Feds don’t help us, we will have at least created a paper trail to help support a future appeal and civil litigation against official wrongdoers.

When I wrote my April 14th piece about child sacrifice, it was James Prindle that I had in mind. He is being treated like a “throw-away child” by everyone, even his parents. He feels deeply hurt and abandoned. He knows nothing but his cesspool existence of having been raised in an abusive home—a Cordova Creek apartment, actually—that was known as the neighborhood drug house. James’ stepfather Jefferson Sanders, 40, allegedly deals meth, cocaine, and date rape drugs, and regularly beat James, his mother, and his younger brother.

He can’t understand how his mother Monica, 37, would choose to side with his stepfather and not him. He still cannot get his head around why, accompanied by her lawyer, his mother would have visited him in jail two weeks ago to disown him. He still cannot understand how his mother can say she believes he raped his little sister—especially at a time when there were seven other kids in the apartment.

He cannot understand why his biological father Sam, who has money and lives in Maine, will not help him and only says, “You’ve got to learn to stand on your own two feet.” James says he’s trying.

James cannot comprehend that this turn of events in his young life may, in fact, prove to be his deliverance. But that unimaginable possibility is far in the future. He is charged as an adult, indigent, being held in adult jail and receiving no schooling, he has no skilled lawyer who cares about him, and is unable to pay an impossibly high bond.

James has been assigned the worst attorney in the public defender’s office and the facts of the case are being obfuscated and hoarded by the court. Lacking evidence and relying mostly on statements made by a pair of brothers who had been involved in the child sex industry (and maybe the likeliest perpetrators), the full extent of the police investigation seems to have been to come up with a “blame the babysitter” rationale and leave it at that—and the babysitter in this instance is unfortunately James.

James can’t understand how anyone can seriously believe he raped his little sister. “I only like girls my age or older—that’s it.” He says he “would rather blow my brains out than ever think about touching my sister.”

James is popular at school and earns mediocre but passing grades. He has never been in trouble with the law before. He has been labeled socially “slow” and diagnosed / medicated for a rash of mental disorders caused by TV, junk food, and bad parenting: Severe Depression, ADHD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. James ran away from home several times, cut classes, acted out in school, cut himself, and was hospitalized for being suicidal. Nobody helped or cared. “I hated my life,” he said. Who can blame him?

Yet even though he’s facing charges that could land him in prison for more than sixty years, what mostly upsets James about the whole affair is that his brand new X-Box was stolen that night and sold by one of the other kids to buy pot. “I got to play with it less than five minutes before it was gone,” he says. He’d saved for it for months. (He’s a kid and that’s how they sort of think.)

But I’m throwing too much at you all at once. Let’s back up and start at the beginning.

On August 16th 2010, James Prindle was babysitting his little sister and brother while his mother and stepfather were at work. It was past nine when two brothers showed up at the door of his apartment. He had not invited them—they were just there along with a few of their friends.

The brothers had heard about James’ new X-Box and came to see it. Figuring the brothers would break down the door if he kept them out, James let them in. There were suddenly eight of them, plus James’ sleeping brother and sister, in that small apartment.

The brothers were…

(For some reason I don’t quite grasp, I’ve been asked not to use the brothers’ real names—even though their information is plastered all over the Internet. Okay, I’m a sport, so we’ll use pseudonyms: Nemo and Mike.)

…The brothers were 12-year-old Mike and his 14-year-old brother Nemo. Their last names start with “S.”

They had reputations as known neighborhood troublemakers. “I knew them and told them to stay away,” James’ mother Monica said to the press. They’d lived in their apartment for less than two months, and she knew the brothers were trouble. “I’d already heard that one of the boys had been arrested for trouble at a middle school,” she said.

But she couldn’t have imagined how much trouble they would be.

Nemo had already racked up charges for auto theft, assault, vandalism and disorderly conduct. Mike has previous charges for assault and possession. And more to the point of this story, for five years, from the time that Nemo was 5 and Mike was 4, both boys were exploited by a child sex trafficking ring of registered sex offenders. They were taken to private camps and organized fishing trips that their dad actually paid for—so everyone in that family got screwed.

So these are the street- and sex-smart urchins James let into the house and who somehow convinced James it was okay to leave them alone with the X-Box and the baby while James ran down to a nearby convenience store to get something to eat.

By the time James returned there was a commotion inside.  James could hear the baby crying. There was fear in the sound of her shrieks and wailing. Mike came to the door and refused to let James in, so James ran downstairs to a neighbor and asked him to call 911.

When James returned to his apartment door, this time Mike let him in. The baby was still crying and, as James made for the bedroom Mike restrained him. As he looked around he saw some of the guys had left and that his X-Box was gone! Nemo emerged from the bedroom and immediately took charge. Nemo and Mike called 911 and reported a break-in by a masked robber who had stolen the game console and assaulted James’ 23-month-old stepsister.

When the police arrived, James was so bewildered and scared that he just let Nemo do all the talking. “My homey is slow,” Nemo explained and laid out the lie for the cops. Somehow Nemo and Mike got James to play along.

Nemo’s scheme unraveled when the boys were separated and questioned and, in something worthy of a late night comedy sketch, Nemo said the robber was white and James said, “Uh, I’m not sure but I think he was black.”

There was no sign of forced entry, and it appears that someone gave the little girl a bath before police arrived, possibly to get rid of evidence.

There were indications that the girl had been held down while she was raped. She suffered serious head trauma and was released after spending a week in the hospital.

Things were way out of hand while James was away. A kid named Adam later testified that he was alone with the baby and had touched her. He said he was checking her for fever with a rectal thermometer. “Do you have younger siblings?” the judge asked and Adam answered “no.” How then, the judge asked, did he know how to check for fever?

Before the police arrived, James was in the clear but he just didn’t know it.

James should never agreed to go along with Nemo’s and Mike’s lie. (He’s not labeled “slow” for nothing.)

The worst thing is, James is now being made a fall-guy for the crime. He’s being tried as an adult for rape, child abuse, and false reporting. Nemo, on the other hand, is being charged as a juvenile with facilitation of rape and child abuse. Yet due to a lack of evidence, all charges against Mike were dropped. (I don’t know what’s happened to Adam or even who the other guys were in the apartment that night.)

This all happened at an October 21 hearing where the judge sorted out all the evidence as presented and—much to the delight of Nemo’s and Mike’s attorneys—got it all wrong. He compounded his error by remanding James to the adult courts and jail.

There will be a lot more to this story as it unfolds, but this is all I’ll write today. We need to find James competent counsel, and pronto. As things stand right now, this kid cannot stand alone with the whole corrupt system against him.

James’ dad should be ashamed for abandoning his son to the wolves.

Please contact me if you want to help.


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5 Responses to “perversion of justice”

  1. 1 Jeanne
    April 30, 2011 at 1:02 am

    …..and this is how innocent people land in prison. Very sad, very wrong, very troublesome. If the child had money, a good lawyer would have worked through this mess and put a stop to it becoming so drastically misunderstood.

    I had a friend that once sat on a jury where a toddler was raped during what appeared to be a party. There were people in and out of the house. They could not convict because there were so many people that could have been the perpetrator. The thing that bothered my friend so much was that she too was not convinced the person in custody was guilty. She questioned whether he was the scapegoat.

    Again, I will say, children look guilty, they feel guilty, because they are so use to being pushed around. They often do not know how to speak up for themselves because when they have in the past, no one believed them anyway. It all centers around abuse within the home. Very sad that this boy and his sister were living in such conditions.

  2. 2 abram
    April 30, 2011 at 3:07 am

    What a paranoid country. It is truly sad that they can pick on the weakest and get a conviction. What in God’s name happened to doing what is right? What evidence did they have to prove anything? What ever happened to the adage of it is better for ten to go free than for one innocent to suffer? Instead we have witch hunts and mob justice.

  3. 3 heidi
    April 30, 2011 at 10:12 am

    this is really terrible! it sounds more to me that the brothers actually are guilty. and the fact that they stole the x-box make it sounds that they blamed it all on james to get away with it and whatever else they did.

    throwing innocent people in jail will not create a safer society!

  4. 4 Gloria
    April 30, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    This is really a very sad case, I’m not going to jump into assumptions when I still don’t have all the facts. But worries me to the most that 3 kids aged from 12 to 15 are accused of this horrible crime. The 12 year old’s charges were dismissed for lack of evidence and the 14 year old brother is accused of facilitation of rape and child abuse (maybe who knows three kids are made scapegoats, I don’t know, because as I said I don’t have all the facts.) The fact that the 2 brothers had criminals records makes them suspicious, what proves how much damage does in the lifes of children to have criminal records, they will always be labeled as criminals no matter what, and would be held suspicious at the first sight of being in the place of the crime. Doesn’t help the brother those criminal records, once again in USA has been proved that anyone can earn a criminal record. even Toddlers are starting to get criminal records so…
    james’s mom says “I’d already heard that one of the boys had been arrested for trouble at a middle school,” she said.”

    You know, when I was 12 years old, I cheated school with my best friend, we not only cheated school we went into an abandoned building and play there. We got caught by the police, far from being arrested we were lectured to go inmediately to school and we did. The principal called our mothers and we got grounded end of it. I guess if I would have been living in USA I could have been charged with truancy and breaking an entry maybe? and I would have to live with a criminal record.
    To makes things worst both kids had been abused at the age of 5 and 4, both boys were exploited by a child sex trafficking ring of registered sex offenders. which made them victims NOT criminals. But that can let a very deep mark on their souls, actually the 4 year old was just 2 year older than james sister when exactely the same happened to him and to his brother and for 5 years. THAT DOESN’T make them guilty either.

    There were more kids on this house that day, but it seems they are free without charges even Adam who said he touched the little girl. No charges against Adam.

    This case really stink, and probably the brothers know more than they say, who knows. I truly hope that detective can find the truth and help James who in my opinion could be perfectely innocent and made an scapegoat, but maybe the two brothers too. If the brothers did it, I hope they recieve the help they need, that this doesn’t become a lynch mobe of the brothers. They are kids too.

    And As Jeanne well said , children look guilty, they feel guilty, because they are so use to being pushed around. They often do not know how to speak up for themselves because when they have in the past, no one believed them anyway. It all centers around abuse within the home.

    Dan I hope they listen to you and get the FBI involved, and the postal inspectors too (since correspondence from the boy may have been intercepted by the jail authorities). If there could be child sex trafficking ring involved the FBI should get involved inmediately and make an eshaustive investigation, on both families. Why James stepfather is not in jail when he is being abusing james and his mother and he is a drug dealer it is unveliavable.

    Let’s just hope that little girl is not in danger with such a parents. Why they still have custody of that child and james little brother with his antecedents is something that I don’t understand. and shame on James biological father. what a disgrace of parents that poor boy has. I really hope James gets the help he needs.

    To end this, as a funny note, it is curious but just today in the newspapers on my town, here in spain there is an article commenting that Superman is not american anymore. It seems that superman has intended to speak before the United Nations and inform them that he will renounce to his US citizenship, LOL, just right now when Obama has release his birth certificate to the public to probe that he is american. Superman renounce to be an american. it seems that “TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY” IS NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE.(FOR SUPERMAN) I guess Superman has finally accepted that “truth,justice and the american way” has turned out to be a lie.

    Cases like this proves it. Trying kids as adults, sentencing to die in prison or giving them outrougeous sentences as 50, 60 years, shaking head in disgust. Is that the AMERICAN WAY?:(

  5. 5 Wolfgang
    April 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    I’m with Gloria, it’s another sad case.

    About Superman, I’ve read it here in the newspaper also.


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