The sun rose today to the north of the top of Friendship Mountain. The forecast predicts afternoon temperatures in the low 70s; tomorrow and Monday temperatures should reach the low 80s. With overnight temperatures in the 30s and 40s, it is still too early to declare winter a vanquished thing of the past, but hopefully I will be burning a lot less propane from now on.

Wherever you live in the Northern Hemisphere, February 12th is that point in the solar year when most casual observers first realize that the days are finally getting longer. It’s their first hint that winter will eventually end.

Today marks the first day on the runic calendar of the fortnight of the sun-rune Sigel, and for me this is an annual holy day, a day of hope.

The ancient people of Northern Europe apparently saw it the same way, and this is reflected in their designation of the calendar fortnight beginning today as being ruled by Sigel, which not only represents our Sun but also suggests the spinning motion of a two-armed spiral and therefore the wheel of time and change.

One of the deep meanings of the sun-rune Sigel is “a radiating, selfless spirit with the strength to overcome the arresting forces of ice, death, and disintegration.” After the unusually brutal cold experienced here, this balmy sunlit day offers living proof of the cosmic power of transformation to light and warmth represented by this ancient symbol.

It is thus with reverent thankfulness to this benevolent power—today especially—that I pray it will likewise help make each of us a source of light and renewal in our dark world.


Groove of the Day

Listen to James Taylor and Company performing “Shed a Little Light”


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