Yesterday was so busy the thought of writing a post never entered my mind. I surprised myself at the oversight.

The day started off with another visit by the local coyotes, looking for another chicken meal. Tonight I will place a loaded shotgun by the front door so my aim doesn’t have to be right-on in order to sting, maim, or kill. I’m sorry I have to resort to violence against these beautiful animals, but I cannot have them killing any more chickens. I am relying more and more on the eggs to survive.

The day ended very happily at the Grub Shack, where was held an impromptu meeting of the “executive committee” of the Nincompoops: Chris, John, Tony, Eva, Jerry, and Otto and me. It was resolved we should begin a collection for an ad for next year’s Super Bowl to promote the Grub Shack. (We’re called the Nincompoops, after all!) It was also resolved that our “book club without books” should have T-shirts. We should be able to get at least one of those things done.

The middle of the day was chock-full of phone calls and e-mails with network producers, newspaper journalists, news directors and others about Paul Henry’s case. The thing I am noticing—and I don’t think it’s just wishful thinking—is that public consciousness is beginning to snowball around the issue of the humane treatment of children charged with acts of violence.

Many voices are beginning to be raised in unison.

Here is one such example, the first in a series of articles about Jordan Brown’s innocence, written by youth justice advocate Melissa Higgins:


What all this means to me is that my work on behalf of these kids is becoming less lonely and more hopeful. I am enjoying the company of these generous, empathic child advocates as much as the company of my wonderful Nincompoop friends.

I truly believe the snowballing will turn into an avalanche.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Shawn Colvin performing “Shotgun Down the Avalanche”


2 Responses to “snowballing”

  1. 1 Wolfgang
    February 9, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    that is such a good video! I hope it will wake up a lot of people! thanks for posting

  2. 2 Gloria
    February 9, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Part 2 of 3-an article on Jordan Brown by Melissa Higgins.


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